Grok Poll (Works, Now!)- Would You Vote Republican In Nov. to Keep Nancy Pelosi from Becoming Speaker?

Pelosi-stands for illegals and not for Americans

Update – Sorry for not realizing the poll was fubar. I believe this has been corrected and you should be able to vote now. If not please let me know. 

It’s still early but the current forecast shows the U.S. House could flip to a Democrat Majority by one seat.

That one seat probably makes Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the Chamber which means New Hampshire could decide whether or not we get two years of her radical nonsense or the nation is saved from her clownish leadership.

Does that matter to you?

Does the threat of a Democrat majority U.S. House lead by SpeakerPelosi (and everything that comes with it) motivate you to get off your butt and vote Republicans from New Hampshire into Congress this November?

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One vote per person. Poll Ends Thursday at 11 pm. Results will be posted Friday Morning, June 15th.

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