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They Like to Try to Weaponize Our Morality Against Us

Go Pound SandKurt Schlichter has invested some time to help the peeps deal with progressive mic-drop rubbish designed to prevent debate or silence dissent. He calls them obnoxious liberal argument cheats. And he’s got a reliable answer for each that I’ve advocated for years. So read them all. But I wanted to share at least one of his scenarios because this one comes at us from all sides.

They like to try to weaponize our morality against us, which is hilarious since they hate morality almost as much as they hate us. They create some sort of moral test, usually out of thin air, and then announce you have failed it. One of the best was the recent “Splitting up families of undocumented workers is not who we are!” Except it is who we are. We split up the families of criminals all the time and we should – there’s no nursery in San Quentin for a reason. 

The GOPe and the NHGOPe have taken up this tactic, not against Democrats but Conservatives. We see it from the likes of Horn, Simmons, Preston, and others who have draped themselves in moral superiority while trying to nail a Cultural Marxist plank from the Democrats onto the Republican Party Platform

Our response to them was the same as Schlichter’s response to the left. Go pound sand.

They haven’t given up, but neither have we. Because the Democrat party interest in dismantling Traditional Marriage has nothing to do with love, or compassion, or equality, or any other virtue signaling. Democrats don’t give a crap about any of that. They’re doing it to wear down an institution that impedes the advance of big government socialism.

Dealing with Democrats on these issues is bad enough. But Republicans selling it who then claim moral high-ground for advancing immoral progressive priorities. Go Pound Sand!

We’ve also got a Republican Governor who keeps promising to sign a transgender bathroom bill that does more to impair equality than to advance it. But the local yahoos pimping it for a DC special interest are persuasive, and the Moderate Party Elders have been whispering in his ear. Electoral winner…

We’ve been clear that this is not true. And in the wake of a wasted Republican majority in every branch of government, it might not be a good idea to give anyone more incentive to stay home on election day. But our opposition to unnecessary legislation that might (unintentionally?) infringe on other rights like free speech, association, or any expectation of safety or privacy comes with a price. Moral preening by or so-called ‘Republican’ betters.

We’re the bomb throwers when they are the ones advancing Democrat party priorities.

Well, I’m here to remind you that our priorities are the principles upon which the nation and the Republican Party were founded because parties are as inclined toward tyranny as governments.

They are also inclined to defend their defections with the same party-tricks as any other progressive to which we reply, go pound sand.