No Heavy Hitters for April?

Heavy Hitters AprilDid you miss the published post for April’s heavy hitters? No. There wasn’t one and this feature may have to wait for its “official” return until the new site goes up. Why?

We had a number of issues in April that made an accurate calculation impossible. First, we had to do a site restore that erased a week’s worth of hit counts. I tried to keep track, I did. Then I had a heart attack. Then we had another issue with a link hijacker and I unplugged a handful of site plugins to address potential security issues, one of which was the post hit counter.

I simply don’t have the number’s but I am still armed with my opinion, so here are a few of the posts I liked the most from April 2018.

Plucked from a crowd of roughly 210 new articles, in no particular order except for this first one. It is a brilliant defense of traditional marriage in the GOP Platform, which is under attack from the progressive JHo wing of the state Republican Party.

Leave ‘Traditional’ Marriage in the NHGOP Platform

Here are the rest of my random favorites.

Timberlane Superintendent Metzler: your “free speech” must have my prior approval before I will allow you to freely speak

NH Democrats Prove How Much They Hate Tax Cuts

Marsy’s Law – Bad for Victims, Bad for New Hampshire

Ideologies do not belong in schools (Part 2)

New Hampshire Democrats Continue to Push for Discrimination Against Religious Schools

New Hampshire Young Democrats Phone Bank to Protect Voter Fraud

Problem: Criminal Justice System Ignoring the Law – Solution: Amend a Constitution They Also Ignore

Why Are the Lines on the Gay Flag All Straight?

April 2nd surprise in the barn! Two more since then – all girls!!

There were so many great posts to pick from, as always, so I hope we get the hit counter issue resolved soon. I’m much more comfortable sharing your top ten rather than trying to come up with my own.