New Hampshire Young Democrats Phone Bank to Protect Voter Fraud

NH Young Democrats Stealing Votes

The New Hampshire Young Democrats Facebook page has a status update seeking help to make phone calls to stop HB1264. They mean to prevent efforts that could stop “out of state students” “from voting in New Hampshire.”

These are the same Young Democrats who will not phone bank to end the injustice of high-priced out-of-state tuition rules which directly contradict their justification for letting those non-resident students vote here in the first place.

Let’s dig into that contradiction, shall we?

First, what’s the big deal about HB1264? Where’s the fire?

This bill removes four words, “for the indefinite future” from the existing statute in two places in a very short statue that defines both an inhabitant and a resident of the state of New Hampshire.

21:6-a Residence. Residence or residency shall mean a person’s place of abode or domicile. The place of abode or domicile is that designated by a person as his or her principal place of physical presence [for the indefinite future] to the exclusion of all others. Such residence or residency shall not be interrupted or lost by a temporary absence from it, if there is an intent to return to such residence or residency as the principal place of physical presence.

Compare this to the residency requirements at UNH to avoid paying what amounts to a massive tax on non-resident student voters for the exact same “privilege” disguised as an education.

To qualify for In-State tuition status a student [or his/her parents if a dependent] must physically reside in New Hampshire for no less than twelve continuous months prior to the term for which In-state status is desired, must reside in New Hampshire for some purpose other than attending the University, and meet all the other requirements of the tuition rules.

I bring this up because one of the other bills they oppose expects people to take seriously the language in RSA 21:6 when it says “to the exclusion of all others” by asking them to get an NH ID or driver’s license within 60 days of voting in the state.

Compare that to the UNH proof of domicile requirements.

All evidence relevant to determining domicile shall be considered. Evidence of the following shall, in any case, be relevant, but not necessarily conclusive:

  1. Payment or non-payment of any tax levied by the State of New Hampshire or any political subdivision on persons resident or domiciled thereon;
  2. Residence reported on any federal or state tax return;
  3. Registration of one’s automobile;
  4. State issuing one’s driver’s license;
  5. Receipt of support from parents who are resident or domiciled outside the State of New Hampshire;
  6. Voting residence;
  7. Claim by any non-resident parent that the applicant is a dependent for tax or any other financial purpose;
  8. Regular departure by an applicant from the State of New Hampshire during recesses or vacations from the University System unit;
  9. The filing of any claim for benefits under any policy of insurance or any federal, state or local benefit legislation based on residence or domicile outside the State of New Hampshire; or
  10. Status in some other state which would qualify a person for in-state tuition in that state.

“Evidence of the following shall, in any case, be relevant, but not necessarily conclusive,” including “Status in some other state which would qualify a person for in-state tuition in that state.”

There’s a litmus test for you.

New Hampshire residents who are not eligible for in-state tuition in other states can’t vote in them while Democrats (and NH Young Democrats) insist that students eligible for in-state tuition in other states are eligible to vote as if they were eligible for in-state tuition here when they are not. Votes that effect, among other things, taxpayer bailouts of UNH, its union staff, facilities, the outcome of US Senate races, blah blah blah.

The fiscal implications are vast for Democrats who receive many thousands if not millions of dollars (over the years) from unions and University system employees who benefit from the blatant contradiction between residence and domicile for tuition vs voting purposes.

It’s felonious.

Somone should look into that collusion.

Too bad we don’t have any departments in State government charged with such things willing to take the fraud seriously.

In the meantime, why not just give the NH Young Democrats some crap for their hypocrisy. Maybe they’ll call you a racist, sexist, white-privileged, bigoted hater and that’s something, right?

H/T Beth.