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Ideologies do not belong in schools (Part 2)

By Ken Eyring

WSD-LogoThere’s a lot going on in our schools. Not all is good.

We have blindly entrusted the education of our children and their malleable, impressionable minds to our public education system. Upon doing so, we expect our children will be provided with an education that is free from ideologies. But that is not always the case, as we saw when the Windham School District joined the organized national protest against the 2nd Amendment on March 14th. I wrote about it last week.

The district stated the protest was “led by students”, but it was actually organized by Women’s March. When our district administration sanctioned the event, our children were not only used as political pawns… they were also introduced to the Womens March organization and a plethora of their other radical ideologies. The group indoctrinates children to be community organizers to advance their radical agendas. This type of indoctrination has long term consequences – and does not belong in our schools. For instance… look at this link; it displays a webpage titled “HOW WE RESIST a discussion series”. The topic for March 24th was “CONFRONTING WHITE SUPREMACY”. I’m disturbed that did not trigger any concerns from the Windham School District Administration.

This is the same Administration that required parents to  sign a permission slip in 2016 (out of respect for parents and their values) before their children would receive a copy of the United States Constitution on Constitution Day – because the Constitutions were published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies – and their website had minor references to religion.

Clearly there is a double standard, and clearly there are ideologies being imposed on our children. Discussions about “White Supremacy” are not appropriate for our children – and should definitely not be introduced to them by our schools. Yet there it is for all of our children to see – without any input or opt-out options from parents. This type of indoctrination can now be seen regularly throughout our country.

Almost every week there is a new incident in the news where someone is calling for historical symbols and/or statues to be torn down, because they make people “feel uncomfortable”. A couple examples are the confederate flag from state buildings, and statues of Civil War generals from the south. Recently, the attacks have expanded to include demands to remove statues of our Founding Fathers. This is because some of our impressionable children have been taught (by some rogue educators) that our Founding Fathers were racist slave owners and white supremacists.

These types of ideologies exist even in the Windham School District. Last year, a Middle School student described a teacher’s ten minute rant as “an emotional meltdown with the teacher on the verge of tears”. The trigger for the meltdown was President Trump – who the teacher repeatedly called a “racist who is destroying our country” in front of the entire class. This occurred not once, but twice – a week apart. Our country’s past and current history is being re-written by people with radical ideologies – who then indoctrinate our children at a tremendous expense (not just financial). Our country is being transformed before our eyes, and we are paying dearly for it.

I am proud of my country, and proud to be an American. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant visionaries who defined the liberties and inalienable freedoms that are guaranteed for all of us in our Constitution.  All of our children should feel the same way – but many don’t – because we have blindly entrusted their education to some people and organizations who hate our country and seek to use our children to remake it in their image.