Pine Tree Ramblings – Vol 8

Pine TreeGlobal Warming.  Liberal logic at its best.

“The warming is causing cooling”

“Increased snowfall may offset rises in ocean levels”

“Antarctic ice gain is caused by Arctic ice loss”

I guess when you have a narrative to follow, you make statements like these to cover any situational shift that might occur in the course of events.

For instance, New Hampshire is receiving its second snowfall this week of April 16th. This can be explained away by “Warmists” who tell us that the reduced Arctic sea ice is pushing cold weather down to North America.

But what about 2015-2016, when we received only 25% of the average snowfall? Or 2011-2012, when we received 50%? How about 2010-2011 when we received about 20% more than normal?  What about the higher-than-average January temperatures of 2017?


You see, this is weather and it varies due to many, many factors.  Sun spots radically affect radio communications (and weather) over an 11-year period and Earth’s atmosphere is a large, complex system that has both long- and short-range patterns.

These scientists are great chess players.  They have added layers of subterfuge on an already complex subject that is out of the reach of understanding for the common man – a perfect recipe for spinning your narrative and explaining away data or activity that doesn’t match up with it.

Trophies all around.

Do I see that the Arctic ice volume is reducing?  Yes. Do I think it will rebound? Yes. Does my instinct tell me that we should let agenda-led scientists, backed by corrupt, power-hungry politicians alter the business and behavior climate of the developed world? Absolutely not.

Later this week, I will no doubt be in the garden, spreading the manure, like the best Climate Scientist.