Part 4 – And now to wrap up the Donna Sawyer from Windham troll story

Donna Sawyernice site you got there; would be a shame if something were to happen to it

OK, I’m late on finishing this story – see Parts one, two, and three. To recap, just about the time that we put up a post –  Windham School Board Approves Unconstitutional “BATHROOM BILL” Policy – and as I said then, the timing was uncanny as she decided, like a lot of Progressives try to do, to attack a revenue source that conservatives use to fund their work.  It was as if she was trying to Alinsky us (trust me, Ms. Sawyer, far better people have tried to do that than you). The innuendo was that we were “illegal” because some people were too stupid (in her eyes) to figure out that clicking on the Amazon et al widgets on our sidebar might, just MIGHT, put a coin or two into the ‘Grok’s pocket.  My response was:

We don’t do product reviews, haven’t done “paid posts” for years, we don’t put “buy now” buttons anywhere, we don’t do product endorsements, we don’t do links in posts to marketeers.

But was she satisfied with that?

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Of course not – she decided that I was too stupid to own/run the 5th largest news/political site in NH (emphasis mine):

From: “Donna Sawyer” <>
To: “skipdcm” <>
Sent: 2/5/2018 8:30:27 PM
Subject: Re: Re[2]: Granite Grok site and Windham School District image share from 2/1 article

Hi Skip,

Thanks for the note. The guidelines include use of embedded links where the purchase generates a profit.

My goal was to provide you the personal feedback, in case the site omission was unintentional. You’ve confirmed this goal is completed.

Thanks again and have a good evening.

Best wishes, Donna

So in her own smug, self-righteousness, she declared a win and apparently has sauntered off.  I haven’t heard back as of yet but trolls have a habit of coming back, so who knows?

I do wonder what they teach at MIT, though, with that line of “the purchase generates a profit“.  Now, it MIGHT yield a few shekels that could return back to GraniteGrok but only under certain circumstances and conditions.  HOW would she know if a click-through (if such a thing happened) actually happened –  – and how would she know if it does?  And if someone clicked through, how would she know if that person actually bought something? And if they bought something, how would she know if GraniteGrok would actually receive a renumeration for sending those eyeballs onward?  Does she know what OUR agreement is?

Or is she just assuming that ALL clickthroughs end up with sales?  And if a sale happens, that the seller actually makes a profit sufficient to send a cut to the ‘Grok?

But to the bottom line – how would she know that we actually “profit” from it in the first place?  Does she know what our infrastructure and maintenance costs  are?  Does she know the ROI on each incremental click we have?

Basically, this MIT trained troll makes assumption after assumption after assumption for which she knows NOTHING – and then expected me to believe her in all that?


Al Letizio and Dennis Senibaldi would be so proud of her.