Quick Thought (sorta): Has anyone else noticed how the Left is using “Nationalist” instead of another word?

by Skip

That would be in conjunction with “white”. Here’s the headline over at the SentinelSource (online presence of the Keene Sentinel, who we are currently beating in Alexa ratings):

Two Virginia residents countersue white nationalist with Keene ties

And that would be about Christopher Cantwell.  Now, I could care less about him; what is more important is what the Sentinel wrote.  It always was “white supremacist” when talking about the KKK and that ilk.  I’ve read that phrase for years and decades as that IS their main ideology – the white race should be primary.  Yeah, up yours with all that.

However, since Trump took office  after running on his “America First” platform and now governing (via his actions), his nationalism outlook has been dubbed to nationalist.  OK, if it was perceived by more than Conservatives as another word for “Patriotic”, we’d be fine.  However, the Left is always changing the common vocabulary and now, just like their Progressive / Liberal word screwups, they and the media (but I repeat myself) really mean jingoistic.  A slur meant to degrade.

So here we are – someone who has been lumped in with those that have been called “white supremacists” since American dirt was born is now, all of a sudden, a “white nationalist”.

Play the game, connect the dots, and win a ceegar!  Yessiree Bob, let’s manipulate the language once again to make the innuendo, the silent joining that Trump’s nationalism really is white supremacy.  Hey, as a Conservative blogger, I’ve been called a racist since the beginning (isn’t that right, Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress?).

But it isn’t just Trump they’re going after – they have been doing their best to delegitimize not just Donald Trump but ALL of his supporter and those that voted for him.  And y’all misogynists, too, to boot – scum of the earth, mud on their boots, lower than an earthworm.  All you that aren’t “woke” up yet, haven’t evolved – you’re all in this together!!!!

And the Left refuses to see, from the faux moral mid-ground, is that this is who you get more Trump.  Go head, keep on making the connection daily that anyone who loves this country, wants and believes that this country really is special, and is a flag waving, national anthem singing, gun toting, Bible believer – and WHITE!!!! – is (versus the Left that believes every other country is better than the US if we listen to their words and watch their actions) really nothing more than a nationalist – someone who really is a white supremacist.

And that, boys and girls, is your word lesson of the Day.

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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    LOL – “Play the game, connect the dots, and win a ceegar!” The whole article was great – and congratulations on a couple of steps up the ladder. I just told you GraniteGrok bloggers you should be in 1st place! I’m thinking I might have had something to do with at least one of those steps.

    A Concord High School classmate of mine (1968) just called me and two other classmates on Facebook racists for not liking the Obama portrait. I think he lives in CA so no surprise there. I guess he hasn’t caught up yet with the reinvented meaning of nationalist. Maybe he’ll see your article.

    • sb

      Omg those portraits were so unprofessional, so tacky, so unpresidential. I’m embarrassed for them even if they don’t have the sense to be embarrassed for themselves. Spite and revenge can do strange things to a person.

  • mrwonderful

    You’ve reached a new low GG. Given Cantwell anything but the verbal beating he deserves for being a despicable human being is tantamount to condoning his actions.

    • granitegrok

      Flail away, Dan, flail away. I’ve told you before – I’m not interested in him, haven’t been interested in him, nor will I in the foreseeable future. Why?

      Other things are more interesting. This post wasn’t about him; it WAS about the Sentinel. If you actually read the post, you would have understood this – he’s not important in comparison to the Left’s continued shoving what used to be our common language into a weaponized tool. The Sentinel is complicit in this.

      And I totally reject your premise (another Progressive / Socialist tactic) that just because I won’t write about something you want me to sets me up to be in the position of “condoning” him. No such deal – you’re using the Progressive tactic called “you will be made to care” – you cannot be silent on the issues that Progressives decided are important, “woke”, and that you MUST agree with us.

      My “nice” answer is: sod off, swampy. Using other words would have me violating MY Rule #1.

      BTW, you have no such authority to make Rules here as you just tried. Bwahahahahahaha!

      • mrwonderful

        Please. I would’ve said “B _ _ _ _ _, please” but that would be in violation of rule #1. Don’t talk about weaponizing words when the right has been doing that for years. Their idiotic use of “Democrat” instead of “Democratic”, their lame “snowflake” moniker, and then there’s the totally absurd “Fake News.” I could go on, but I won’t. Oh and, although it’s 1:10 pm on a Wednesday – I’m not at work – so don’t go saying that I’m visiting GG “on company time.”

        • Bryan W

          Pot, meet Kettle.

          You think the Left hasn’t been weaponizing words for decades? Then you haven’t been paying attention.

          If we disagree with certain people – frequently only on how, not why – we get labeled as:

          Nazis (or Neo-Nazi or skinhead or White Supremest)
          KKK or Klansman
          Haters, or Hate Groups
          If I’m a member of the NRA, I’m in a Terrorist Group
          Tyrant (mostly reserved for the President)
          Russian or Russian Bot or Putin spy, etc
          “tool of the creepy billionaire coalition”
          Anti-LGBTQ Nightmare
          antediluvian (if I have to look it up, it isn’t a good insult)
          extreme & far-right (for embracing something that’s in the Constitution)

          I’ve even heard a caller call David Webb a “white supremest.” The level of absurdity is simply beyond the pretty thick line called “Reality.”

          I could go on, it it would be trivial to do so.

          On the other side:

          #snowflake is mild, and descriptive. Some people are easy to trigger, and watch while they meltdown. Just like a real snowflake.

          #FakeNews is an accurate description. One of my favorites was Brian Stelter claiming that he never said that President Trump had a mental issue or was mentally ill. Someone challenged him. He doubled down and showed the results of his search. Thirty seconds later, he was pummeled with results showing him calling President Trump “mentally ill,” “mentally unfit” and several other ways dozens of times. Don’t believe me?


          So please, don’t insult our intelligence. Since the Left owns 98% of the MSM, it is a very lopsided set of name-calling that goes on.

          • mrwonderful

            All the past three posts in this discussion thread prove is that half of the country is talking past the other half of the country, and vice versa. In other words – our polarized, two-party, forced binary choice system has failed us.

          • granitegrok

            Easy to fix, Dan – get rid of that foreign political philosophy that infected our “intellectuals” back in the 1880s that had them trying to change America into being yet another European country. Go back to strictly Constitutional values and this problem will go away.

            And I agree with you (gulp), it is a very serious problem.

          • Bryan W

            On that, we agree.

            If you want some fun, talk to a lawyer about suing the State of NH for allowing two private corporations to appropriate the State election apparatus very 2 years (state primary elections) and every four years for the “Presidential Preference Primary.” We allow it because of the retail politics we get, and the money & prestige it brings to the state. But in reality, it is morally wrong for both parties to steal the use of these mechanisms from the state.

  • Ed Naile

    The brain trust that supplied the talking points and re-engineered definition of words to our leftists since the sixties has lost its way.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and on display for anyone who takes the time to watch liberals who have it flounder for a coherent message.

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