GraniteGrok Breaks Alexa Top 5 For Internet “Media” Sites In New Hampshire

alexa traffic rankBack on January 2nd, 2018 we set a goal of improving from number nine on our list of Media sites in New Hampshire to number seven. We did that, and a little bit more.

As of this morning, February 13th, 2018 has moved up to number 5 on our list in Alexa site rankings (National 6-month average).

As a reminder,

The ranks below are for the past six months for all the websites and media outlets I checked, in New Hampshire, as of 1/2/2018. It is not meant to represent anything more than what it is. The current list of Alexa Traffic rankings for the purpose of setting a goal for our team.

Here’s the top ten as of this morning. [updated!]

Name National Rank Global
WMUR 5217 27,340
Union Leader 10,159 59,316
Seacoast Online 20,138 110,138 31,205 159,608 59,555 304,565
Conway Daily Sun/Berlin Daily 60,577 320,373
Keene Sentinel 61,412 264,101
NH1 72,077 266,569
Salem Observer 89,846 438,111 112, 481 632,623

Daily visits and unique visits continue to rise, so we are thrilled with the traffic trend. Now it is up to us to continue to deserve it and improve on it and as always, whatever your motivation, we appreciate your patronage of our work.

Steve on GAL

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