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So NH Representative Sean Morrison wants to keep exposing himself (figuratively speaking) and angling for a RINO of the Week award

Sean MorrisonI guess that NH Rep Sean Morrison never learned about the Theory of Holes. Steve first mentioned him in his post on voting for HB628, Paid Family Leave, HB628, whereby he believes that Government has the right to crowd out the Private Sector’s offerings (in this case, insurance policies aGAIN). The financials are such, just like Medicaid Expansion, that to keep that “promise”, monies will end up coming from the General Fund instead of this “pay as you go” fiasco in the making.

I then decided to do my post, “…for a RINO of the Week” and methodically went through what his voting record ratings are and asked a number of very pointed questions about the program, political philosophy, and what happens when it all goes south.  Well, back on Steve’s post, he decided to double down (emphasis mine):

Indeed. I am not a slave to anyone.

And who are you to tell me what my principles are? You can throw crap at the wall as possibilities all day long, they do not affect the facts I saw in a Committee.
When exactly did I say I was a member of AFP? That’s the libertarian wing that doesn’t “adhere to its principles” enough to call themselves Libertarians or independents, because they want to get elected right?
I’ll continue to vote my conscience every time, others’ opinions besides my constituents is none ignorant my business. Ive EARNED my right to my opinions, have you earned your right to make fake ones up about me? I’ll answer that for you; no. Be well.

So, I decided to answer him – point by point by point as he put up a couple of strawman arguments:

One – I own this blog site and that is sufficient to tell anyone anything I believe are needful to be said – you know, that First Amendment stuff and all and mine is in equal measure to yours. Simply by dint of being a Representative does not allow you to be above criticism.

So touchy, this one! I didn’t tell him what his principles were – I told him how he was being judged.  Simply, he’s being held accountable for his votes because even though he represents a different district from where I live, his votes STILL affect my life, my family’s lives, and my friends’ lives.  He put himself into the public spotlight – all we are doing is shining a Big Flashlight on him.  I think you all know what happens when you shine lights on certain insects, right?  They try to scurry away from that light.  Him too.

Next point was the “You can throw crap at the wall” line – notice the complete lack of specifics.  This is what happens when there is no logical response – or that someone has gotten under someone else’s skin.  It’s the equivalent of “Humina humina humina…”; you get the picture.  So I pointed out the hollowness of his line:

I hardly believe that the people who take simple measures of someone’s standings is “crap” – I’ve known the folks at the HRA, AFP and NHLA for years. They make clear what their platforms are (like the NH GOP Platform!) and how they measure voting records against them. They work hard at assembling that information but when three separate and unrelated organizations are pretty much coming to the same conclusions, it renders your opinion of “crap” pretty much just that.

I would also tell you that if they are “CRAP”, tell us how other than mere talking points. Go ahead, prove to use that you can prove them wrong. I’ll let you guest post the answers (if you have any).

And then the strawmen arguments – again, this harbinger of those that don’t have a logical leg to stand on: make something up, say it isn’t true, and go on to make the innuendo that their opposition is in the wrong, or worse, despicable for making stuff up. Heh!

“When exactly did I say I was a member of AFP?
And don’t bother to try to use a strawman argument with us, sir – we’ll light it on fire.

Go ahead, go back and reread what I wrote about AFP – a “bad” rating and they advocate for Free Markets.  AFP doesn’t run for elections.  And no where did I say that he was a member of AFP? Having nothing better to say, he wants me to argue about a line that he never said?  Rather weak and rather lame – deflection becomes him (or is that the other way around?).

It is clear, BY HIS OWN VOTE on this, that he doesn’t believe in Free Markets.  There is no real reason that Government has to supply this as the Private Sector already does. So I told him that and in double measure and turned that around:

You didn’t say such and I never said you were. AFP isn’t Libertarian but it does promote Free Markets – you know, just like the NH GOP Platform says that the NH GOP is [that “is” should have been “does” -Skip]. Is the whole of the NH GOP Libertarian as well? But I’ll let you roll out more of your rope; go ahead, tell us how AFP “doesn’t adhere to its principles” – merely saying so doesn’t make it so. Concrete examples, please, or you’re merely blowing smoke up your butt in acts of desperation (or a willingness to lie to yourself).

As well as us.  Then I got a bit more pointed – nothing that I wrote was “fake” and I challenged him to prove it.

I also call you out on saying that what I have written is fake. Go ahead – tell me where I have been factually wrong in this post concerning you. I’m betting you won’t take me up on it because you can’t.

And lastly, he tried to puff out his chest – for nothing, as it turns out:

BTW, you don’t have to EARN opinions – you (as well as anyone else) has a Natural Right to express what you want – it’s called free speech. You don’t EARN that, it simply IS so don’t take credit for something that you can’t.

Yep, this guy is the RINO of the Week.  Now, I should go back through and pull up his RINO votes.  Why?  This rather incoherent line:

others’ opinions besides my constituents is none ignorant my business

I’ll give him the typos – we have them all the time.  Well, Sean Morrison, if you’ve been reading the ‘Grok for a while, we are the eighth largest political / news site here in NH (soon to pass the Keene Sentinel but a ways to go to beat WMUR, Union Leader, SeacoastOnline,, The Concord Monitor, and NH1). We’ll make sure that at least some of your constituents will know what your voting record is now – and again come the Primary (if you have one) and in the General election (if you win the Primary).