GraniteGrok Improves to Eighth Place in Alexa NH Media Rankings - Granite Grok

GraniteGrok Improves to Eighth Place in Alexa NH Media Rankings

alexa traffic rankTwenty-Two days ago I announced a Grok ‘Resolution’ of sorts. Our effort to overtake the Keene Sentinel in Alexa’s US Rankings. Everyone needs goals, right?

I’m happy to report that we’ve made some progress. The Berlin Daily Sun, which was between the Keene Sentinel and us is no longer in our way (at least for now). We’ve squeaked past them into the number 8 slot on our list improving from 73,950 in the US to 61,765.

The Berlin Daily Sun slipped from 58,393 to 62,449 while Keene’s liberal rag lost a few hundred points in rank drifting to 53,646.

Keene Sentinel 53,646
GraniteGrok 61,765
Berlin Daily Sun 62,449

The top six are still WMUR, The Union Leader, SeacoastOnline,, The Concord Monitor, and NH1.

They’ll have to wait.

For now, let’s see if we can hang on at number eight for a while as we march toward our goal at number seven. We’ll need to rank around 50,000 nationally for that.

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