About Activist Students Who Want Gun Control But Who Don’t Care About Those Who Died Trying To Protect Them

PawnsDid you notice how fast the Democrat machine got pawns from Florida education factories to the State Capital? It’s like the protest movement was already in place.

Oh, wait. It is “Protest Season.” This is the time of year the left pops its head out of the various non-profits where they hibernate over the winter.

But I want to make several points about the school kid pawns as they shout pre-written Democrat slogans.

  1. How come kids think the coach at school is perfectly suited to shield them with his body and die in the process – but is not good enough to protect them with a firearm? That shows compassion all right. It’s known as political activist compassion.
  2. Why doesn’t anyone ask a fresh-faced anti-Second Amendment protester pawn if all guns shouldn’t be confiscated by the government? Is that because the pawn trainers know from past experiences that any talk of gun confiscation is the Kiss of Death in Federal Elections? Smart move, pawn trainers.

How about a course on Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals” for the kids – instead of just letting them be unwitting participants. Or give the kids an eyeball full of who paid for the busses, overnight stay, meals etc.? How about some real-life examples of American politics?

It’s for the children.