WMUR CLOSEUP- Glad to hear it, Mr. Johnson

by Skip


Given that Monday is Martin Luther King Day, today’s WMUR’s CLOSE UP had a segment on race relations here on NH.  Most of it was the expected verbiage from Adam Sexton’s

Sidenote: Congrats to Adam on his promotion to Political Director. In my dealing with Adam, I’ve always found him to be fair and balanced and generally has kept his politics (which I really don’t know how he leans) to himself and not in his reporting.

questioning of his two guests: Dr. Dottie Morris and Rogers Johnson.  I don’t know Dr. Morris but I do know Rogers Johnson for being a blogger on the Right side of the aisle, we have spoken a few times in the past.  Thus in watching the piece, I was absolutely flabbergasted that this self-described Conservative on something he said that sounded outright out of the Progressive Identity Politics bible:

Sexton – Is racism a problem here in New Hampshire?

Dr. Dottie Morris: “…structures, that whole idea of implicit bias, it doesn’t matter if it is intentional or not it is disrupting the process for a lot of people of different racial backgrounds.”

Like I said, I don’t know Dr. Morris, I don’t know her outlook, and I don’t know her politics but there’s the phrase (“implicit bias”) that makes all of us of pale complexion guilty as a group which IS the point – the Individual is of no concern only what thePol collective group has done or what it isn’t doing, according to the Political Correctness of the Day, that it shouldn’t have or should have been doing.  Implicit bias is another way of saying “you are racist even if you’ve never actively done anything that could be construed as racist; it is who you are as a white person”. The fact that she doesn’t know that I even exist doesn’t matter – that is part of the collective sin that is part of Critical Race Theory that as put its tentacles all over.

And then Sexton turned to Rogers Johnson and asked

Sexton: what is your perspective on racism here in NH?

Rogers Johnson: What Dr. Morris just said, is essentially, the reality of NH, the vast majority of them, people in the State don’t realize that they’re racists…

Nice to know, that the majority of people here in NH, are racists, Mr. Johnson.  You know, that will have an effect on those that heard that – that you already have a negative view of them simply BECAUSE.  That was not an “unconscious” act – your words were definitely said with purpose and with a point.  You and I have spoken in the past – you never stated to me that I was such a person.  Would you now, having declared the above, tell me to my face, or to any  of the other folks here on the Right side of politics with whom you have interacted, that I am now a racist?

I think the proper response is “Prove it”.  That’s all, just prove it.  I dare say that you will have no solid ground on which to stand.  Further, I highly doubt that you can read minds, especially mine, but I’m willing to put that to the test.

No, that was a slur that you issued, not only to me but to lots of people that you have never met.  Seriously, racists Mr. Johnson?

Now, I’ve been called all kinds of names by Progressives (just ask Zandra Rice-Hawkins!): homophobe, zenophobe, nationalist, uneducated, redneck, ignorant, stupid, deplorable, white privileged (wanna hear about my background and history – trust me, it ain’t all that privileged), irredeemable, bitter clinger, and yes, racist.  Because that’s who they are and how they act.  Towards them, I just laugh – as Rush Limbaugh says, a tiger can’t change its spots because it is a tiger and that’s what it is; they are who they are.

Coming from a Conservative, however, is a completely different kettle of fish.  A Conservative knows the Left and how they abuse words to score points (“Halliburton!!!!” – one for you, Ed!). For them to sink to that same level brings up a lot of questions, some of them very serious and disconcerning.  If I were to bump into Rogers Johnson at an event, how should I treat him now that I know he believes I am racist? Remember, I have said nothing as I have always seen him as a Conservative – calling out a million people as being racist is not being Conservative as it plays right into the Progressive playbook?  It is he who decided to paint with the Identity Politics paintbrush.

I do wonder if Rogers Johnson understand that he has now put a lot of people to “walking on eggshells”, as being called a racist is supposed to be one of the worst things one can be called in today’s society?

Am I mad about being so slurred?  No, but sure,  a bit put off.  As I said above, I’ve been called far worse by far worse people than he.  He has made his point as I will be thinking about this – probably, however, not the way that he intended.


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  • Joe

    The first response should be to ask Mr Johnson if he admits he is racist. When Mr Johnson says he is not racist, the follow up question is “prove it.”

  • Radical Moderate

    “I think the proper response is “Prove it”. That’s all, just prove it.”
    – And I would counter with; Even if you were to offer proof that you weren’t racist what difference would it make? The reality is you would never get coverage by the controlled media since its not part of the narrative they are pushing. Yes you could sit in your own world and here on GG and we can all make the case for treating people by the “content of their character”, but these race-baiters are going to get viewed by more people the we are. They need to make Trump’s America appear as if its growing more racist by the day.
    In the end, the hard truth is we are going to be viewed by the color of our skin whether we like it or not.
    Adam may be a nice kid, but the reality is he needs to keep his job so he will tow the Hearst company line. Not that I blame him, the reality is we all have to pay the bills.
    “Hearst” is Establishment, and the Establishmentarians hate Trump.

  • Ed Naile

    When you understand “leftspeak” all he means is that more than 90% of NH is white – therefore, racist.
    To make a good living being a race baiter you obviously need a bad guy – like NAZI’s needed Jews to blame for every ill in Germany at the time. In NH all you need do is be white.
    So Mr. Johnson should admit to that fact, since it is a time tested left wing technique – unless he is unknowingly a racist himself like he has accused all of his fellow New Hampshire citizens.
    But if everybody is a racist, what does it mean any longer?
    That is where we are headed in America today I guess.

  • Boy (if I dare use that word), he stepped in that one, didn’t he?
    There’s a huge difference between someone like Sen Tim Scott (R, SC) confirming that there is such a thing as DWB (Driving While Black) when interacting with Police, and a respected member of conservative circles suddenly calling ALL Granite-staters “racist.” Not just the overtly racist liberal ones, either, but ALL of *US*
    Sorry, Mr Johnson. Ya lost me right there.

    This is a big hole to climb out of – getting trapped by a liberal journalist into saying what they want to hear *might* have been an excuse if he’d said something like “racism is still a problem in NH,” but he didn’t do that. No, Rogers Johnson tarred all of us with the same brush.
    Forgive me for suggesting that it works both ways – if most blacks say they look upon all whites as racists, then perhaps looking upon all blacks as potentially racist is not unreasonable.

    I submit to you, that you have done the kind of disservice to race relations in NH that Obama did nationally. By stating that all blacks have reason to view all whites with suspicion, you are inviting whites to view all blacks the same way.

    Heretofore, I had regarded Rogers Johnson as a decent conservative, to be judged purely by the content of his character, but with the added bonus of being able to present a conservative outlook across racial lines. Conservatives don’t play the race huckster card, but Rogers Johnson just did. A sad ending.

  • sb

    So what exactly ends “racism” in their eyes? What has to happen for us to not to be considered racist anymore and them to be happy?

    • Some people, regardless of color, will never be happy. We call them “liberals” because their version of freedom is morally bankrupt and empty.
      Other people, regardless of color, are happy to judge and be judged on the content of their character. We call them “conservatives” and “successful”

    • Tim from Nashua

      According to DemocRat/ media darling,and Harvey Weinstein-lover Ophrah? For her, white people dying off is the only way.

  • allen

    ok, sure, let’s say I’ m a racist. I like to kick puppies and twirl my snidley whiplash mustache while cackling evilly too. what, exactly do you have against mustaches? are you a ..GASP…MUSTACHIPHOBE? why do you hate facial hair? PROVE you don’t hate facial hair!!PROVE IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

    attack attack always attack. the moment you “prove” you’re not a racist is the moment you go on the defensive, and you can’t win backing up.

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