Technical Difficulties - thanks for your patience! - Granite Grok

Technical Difficulties – thanks for your patience!

Under-ConstructionI messed up in trying to institute a change – and blew it up. Thanks to Carolyn McKinney and the Support team at Nexcess in picking, choosing, advancing, falling back in trying to “scalpel” it.  Thank the good Lord for backups as that’s what we ended up having to do.  Before the backup, I saved off the posts since 12/10 and will be putting them back into the system tomorrow.

I was making some changes and commented out 1 line too many – broke both the front end (what you see – expected that ) and the back end (what we Grosters see in creating the posts – did not expect that).  I couldn’t FTP up the back up file and Nexcess (hosting company) wouldn’t do it.  Instead, they set it back to the original Thesis (look and feel); butt ugly but it worked.
In doing so, it erased all of our site Thesis files.  Asked for a backup and it was applied wrongly the first time.  Then we got the right date, the correct files, but found out we also had to RESTORE the database holding not just the posts but some system settings – and we had to go back to 12/10 (thus I have to put the posts since then back into the database.

THANK you for your patience!