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Trump Derangement Syndrome – Part…..I can’t keep count any more

Koi foodThat’s apparently what CNN was doing when it published a story Monday under the headline, “Trump feeds fish, winds up pouring entire box of food into koi pond.” How is that newsworthy? Well, it’s newsworthy if Trump acted like a boor and pounded the precious koi with an overabundance of food. Such appears to be the case if you look at the video below, which starts with a shot of Trump, alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, flicking spoonfuls of food from a wooden box into the koi pond below. Then the shot narrows to Trump himself, and he empties the entire box.

Another instance of presidential boorishness abroad? As Mediaite pointed out, that’s how it played out among some media types. There’s that CNN headline, for starters, which places outsize significance on the president’s handling of the box. Jezebel headlines, “Big Stupid Baby Dumps Load Of Fish Food On Japanese Koi Pond.” The New York Daily News: “Photo of Donald Trump dumping fish food into koi pond during Japan visit draws Obama comparisons.” And more than one prominent journalist wrote tweets fixated on the fish-food box-dump.

However, what the MSM is portraying is, once again, not quite the real reality.

A wider shot of the proceedings, however, shows that Trump was merely following the lead of his host. . . . So Trump was acting as a responsible guest, merely following the actions of Abe.

He’s a boor, the epitome of the “Ugly American” with no social graces and shouldn’t be allowed out of the house (nor into the White House).  The MSM and the Left (but I repeat myself) will do anything they can to continue the Progressive Totalitarian / GOPe Establishment line – that he’s unqualified in every way possible.  But those deplorables, those bitter clingers, those that don’t “get” it must be trained to hate him.

What they don’t get is that folks like us hate them even more than if we dislike Trump.  You see, we see you as part and parcel of the problem as we figured out that you hate us just as much as Obama, Hillary, Fauxcahotus, John “Live Shot” Kerry, DNC Chair Perez, and a lot of others who see us as their enemy (at best) or EVIL subhumans.  Either way, we are fair game to be lied to and deceived. Thus, they toss this off as nothing at all.

Heh!  Their lack of empathy (or really, the total unwillingness to want to try) to see what their words and actions are doing to HURT their cause will give them another term of Trump.  Oh sure, we may not vote for OTHER Republicans but simply to shove (and then twist) a sharp stick into their collective eye(s), we very well may vote for him again.

After all, their reaction to his win was priceless – I’d easily vote for him again just to watch their nervous breakdown into a slimy puddle of goo.


(H/T: Instapundit)