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Buckles The Clown Strikes Again

Buckles-the-Clown-e1326893415451Raymond, “Buckles The Clown” Buckley strikes again. You have to love Ray’s antics. Everytime Ray opens his mouth its always good for a laugh. Ray is plagued with not ever being an original thinker. He is the Human Parrot for the Lefty Democratic apparatchik. He just parrots whatever they say…and usually, many months after the sound byte has been out there. So, Ray is not only a Parrot, but he is a slow parrot.

When Steve Vaillancourt passed away, he left a Ward 8 seat vacant. On November 7, 2017 Al MacArthur (who I call a personal friend) will square off in a special election against the young liberal-progressive Erika Connors.

So Buckles the Clown and his cronies did ward-wide mailing for Erika Connors. The mailer has three headlines: One from New England Cable News (or, Not Exactly Cable News, if you please) “NH State Rep Drops Loaded Gun During Hearing.”  The next Headline is from NH1 News (NH None) “NH rep drops her handgun at the start of hearing just feet from kids.” And the third and final headline, from the Concord (Fishwrapper) Monitor, “NH Lawmaker Drops Gun on Floor at Start of Hearing for  Full Day Kindergarten.” Its a clever ad in that it implies three people dropped guns, not two, like actually happened.   The ad closes with, “We need common sense, not more reckless behavior”

In this ad, Buckles and Erika paint with a very broad brush. In other words, carrying guns is reckless behavior. It cannot be the fact that State Representatives dropped guns in the past. Otherwise, Al MacArthur would have to be one of the droppers. Al has never held public office. Nor has Al MacArthur ever dropped a gun at the State House. The facile reasoning is entertaining, none the less.

“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure…” Hugh Kingsmill

Erika Connors the Unethical

Buckles the Clown goofed when he sent this. He essentially told every second amendment supporter in Ward 8 he ( and Erika Connors) deems them, “reckless”. Owning firearms, supporting that right, and advocating against those who would otherwise seek to proscribe the right is, “reckless.”

Now, It is important to point out that there was another Jihady attack on America Soil. A Muslim Jehadi with a Home Depot rental truck mowed down a bunch of people, killing eight and wounding countless others. BUT! “Not all Muslims are evil.” That is always the first words out of the mouths of Buckley and his ilk.  Yet we gun owners are ALL “reckless.”

This mailer was more to help Erika Connors than it was to hurt Al MacArthur. Erika Connors needs all the help she can get because she has behaved unethically as a member of the Manchester School Committee. Connors worked feverishly to broom a clear violation of the city charter. Another member committed the violation by releasing public information she was not authorized to release.  When the issue was brought to the table, Connors moved to broom it. That is what is commonly referred to as Cronyism. Despite counsel advising a clear violation, Connors moved that no action be taken. Completely Unethical.  Where the voters in Ward 8 have that issue fresh in front of them, this mailer serves to distract from that.

Thats what Democrats do. They are like Seagulls. They fly in…make a bunch of noise, crap all over the place then quietly retreat.  This mailer made an easy choice for Ward 8 Voters… A choice between a corrupt Charlatan and an honest guy who grew up in the ward and wants to contribute in a meaningful way.

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