2017 Democrat Thanksgiving Talking Points - Granite Grok

2017 Democrat Thanksgiving Talking Points


You know, for the Democrat Fanboys and Fangals that shudder at the idea that they may have to (yuck!) talk with non-Democrat relatives and friends (yeah, I’m a BIG hit at these gatherings!).  So like clockwork, I get these things and I was really looking forward to it.

Would it be about defending the sex-crazed power-imbalanced Entertainment donor class?  Or would it concerning the indignity that Trump won and how to protect their over-regulation of our lives?  Or that we should all be thankful that abortion kills 500K children/year and how we are protecting our environment from the added burden of CO2 loading? And how we should be arguing that our money is really their money and teach us all how to win that argument that “We built it” with a lesson from US Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontus” Warren?  Actually…

2017 Democrat Thanksgiving Talking Points

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…imagine my surprise when I realize what thin drool gruel it was.  If they were preparing their troops, it seems they’re copying the Norks in the nutrition department.

So enjoy and as my old high school headmaster used to say every morning over the PA: Forwarned is forearmed.  Just skip the first “fore” and let me know if you have to go to the second one if your kissin’ cousinPajama Boy and his kindred souls get overly caffeinated.

(H/T: DCCC (Democrat Congressional Caucus something or other))