Court rules reporter must testify in NH voter suppression case

by Steve MacDonald

Gibson Felony IndictmentThe Court has ruled that Nick Reid, a former reporter for the Concord Monitor, can be forced to testify in the voter suppression case of Carl Robert Gibson.

Gibson is accused of trying to suppress voter turnout by sending an email saying Republican Yvonne Dean-Bailey was dropping out of a May 2015 special election. Gibson says the email was satire.

The court ruled Thursday that Reid was not protected from testifying in Gibson’s criminal case because the newsgathering privilege in the state constitution applies to sources that remain confidential.

Our thoughts on Gibson’s exploits are well documented, here, here, and here.

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  • Mel Carbon

    Hang the bastige!

  • Radical Moderate

    “The narrow question before us is whether, on the facts of this case, the newsgathering privilege under the State Constitution extends to protect a news reporter from testifying in a criminal proceeding about non-confidential information that he gathered in the course of investigating a news story and subsequently published in a newspaper,” the justices wrote in their opinion posted Thursday. “We hold that it does not.”
    – Ok, I’m pretty up on legal stratagems, but I’ll be darned if I can understand the concept behind a reporter refusing to testify about “non-confidential” information. All the paper is doing by fighting this is cheapening the standard for REAL newspaper reporters in keeping REAL confidential sources, confidential.

    • Ed Naile

      The Monitor took a side.
      They lost.
      It was stupid from the get-go.

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