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Court rules reporter must testify in NH voter suppression case

by Steve MacDonald September 24, 2017

The Court has ruled that Nick Reid, a former reporter for the Concord Monitor, can be forced to testify in the voter suppression case of Carl Robert Gibson. Gibson is accused of trying to suppress voter turnout by sending an email saying Republican Yvonne Dean-Bailey was dropping out of a May 2015 special election. Gibson […]

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Carl Robert Gibson Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine

by Ed Naile January 10, 2017

Is turnabout fair play? I don’t know, but I know a laugh riot when I see one. US Uncut believes Ryan Clayton and the John Doe defendants (yet to be identified) are behind a scheme that unfolded on August 3, 2016 to hijack control of US Uncut’s Facebook page. The hijacking has resulted in US […]

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Concord Monitor: Missing articles about Carl Gibson and Yvonne Dean-Bailey

by Kimberly Morin August 3, 2016

Recently it was reported that the Concord Monitor refused to allow their reporter, Nick Reid, to testify in court in Democrat operative Carl Gibson’s voter fraud case. They claimed it was a First Amendment right that Reid not testify even though Reid was the one who discovered that it was Gibson who sent a hoax […]

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Will Carl Robert Gibson Be Laughing?

by Ed Naile April 9, 2016

Great News!!!! Low life dirt ball vote thief Carl Robert Gibson, of Kentucky and Wisconsin, voting from Concord NH, occasionally, is another month closer to his jury trial. His most recent arrest on May 15 last year was for voter suppression here in NH. Carl will be dropped off or walking to Merrimack Superior Court […]

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Carl Gibson – Hoax Email Meant to Cost Dean-Bailey Her Election Was Protected Speech

by Steve MacDonald February 22, 2016
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  The Concord Monitor is reporting that NH Democrat Maureen Mann staffer Carl Robert Gibson’s lawyer is trying to get the election tampering charges against him dropped based on the premise that Gibson’s hoax email is protected by the first amendment. Gibson’s attorney, Michael Iacopino, filed a motion Jan. 22 to dismiss the charges. He wrote […]

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A Challenge to Tim Horrigan who Holds a NH State Rep Seat With Non-Domiciled Votes From College Kids  

by Ed Naile October 28, 2015

  Tim Horrigan is desperate to clear multi-non-domiciled NH voter C. Robert Gibson of any voter fraud for his multi state voter registrations and inter-voting habits. If you are such an expert on voter domiciles and election laws, Tim Horrigan, why don’t you call Carl up and straighten this whole thing out? Here is the phone […]

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How Big a Moron IS C. Robert Gibson???

by Ed Naile October 26, 2015

Carl was arrested in Dane County , Wisconsin on August 8, 2013 and thought it would be a groovy idea to post his arrest document (DEFENDANT’S COPY) on the internet. Hooray for Carl!!!! He just gave me his 2013 Kentucky Driver’s License #G02-716-568.

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GrokTALK! for the week of 10/24/2015 the video!

by Skip October 24, 2015

Finally, back in studio and only had to schlep the equipment from around the corner (for some reason, all the parking spaces in front of the building were taken – must be the yoga lady class starting earlier.  Be glad when “their” part of Concord’s Main Street reconstruction is finally finished…). A lively show: Segment […]

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Carl Gibson’s Hoax No Accident – It’s Democrat Strategy

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2015
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Democrat staffers sending out 11th hour hoax emails is no accident, it’s party strategy.  Kamikaze politics. But the final weeks of the campaign focused to a large degree on allegations made by a former DeMaio staff member. His campaign never recovered, and DeMaio blamed his defeat on the charges and the Peters campaign’s alleged role […]

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Breaking News – Carl Robert Gibson – “Lives” At An Address That Does Not Exist.

by Steve MacDonald June 1, 2015
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If you read GraniteGrok even casually, you’ll know that arrested email hoaxing vote suppressor Carl Robert Gibson lists his address as 26 Summit Street in Concord.  He registered to vote from this address, registered a business at this address, and told the Police/AG that this was his address when he was arrested. According to the […]

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Here We Are Thanks To Our NH Courts

by Ed Naile May 30, 2015

Our Concord NH voter awaiting arraignment for election law violations, Carl Robert Gibson, of 26 Summit St. is registered to vote in the following four states, Wisconsin , Kentucky , Connecticut , and New Hampshire . Apparently, like the New Hampshire Supreme Court, he must be confused by the difference between “residence” and “domicile.” Wisconsin: […]

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Did Carl Gibson Ever Stop ‘Working’ for Maureen Mann?

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2015
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I apologize for the click-bait tease of a headline but I have credible information that Carl Gibson never departed the service of Maureen Mann in her loss to Yvonne Dean-Bailey in the Rockingham 32 special election. We are also developing new leads tied to 26 Summit Street Concord, N.H., the address given by Mr. Gibson.  […]

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Cover Your Own A**

by Steve MacDonald May 25, 2015
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In Part II of our interview with Ed Naile we discuss progressive voter-fraud nests, Red Files, and how neither the NH AG’s office, nor the Secretary of State can be trusted to do more than cover their own ass or the ass or those who pull their strings. Listen to the entire podcast here Follow […]

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Carl Gibson v. 666:6

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2015
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Ed Naile joins us to talk about the arrest and unlikely prosecution of vote suppressor Carl Robert Gibson.  We get into some background on Gibson. Known associates. How prisoners in NH (unlike college students in NH) cannot vote from their “current residence.” Why expecting NH to do anything meaningful with these charges is likely folly, […]

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GrokTALK! May 23rd, 2015

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2015
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This week Doug Sachletben from Club for Growth takes issue with Gov. Huckabee’s record on Taxes.  We also talk about the NH AG arresting someone for vote suppression and the trail of evidence that follows the perp Carl Gibson. Some South Koreans visited NH to learn about Right to Know, the Boondoggle band plays on, […]

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Democrat accused of sending ‘hoax email’ charged with voter suppression

by Kimberly Morin May 22, 2015

Today the Democrat accused of sending the email hoax a few days before the special Rockingham District 32 election has been arrested for voter suppression. If you recall, Carl Gibson was doing social media for Maureen Mann’s campaign. A few days before the election an email was sent to specific press that claimed to be […]

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Breaking News – Carl Gibson Arrested

by Steve MacDonald May 22, 2015
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The NH AG has arrested Carl Gibson for Vote Suppression. (Patch) “Mr. Gibson has been charged with voter suppression for knowingly attempting to induce voters to refrain from voting in this past Tuesday’s special election for state representative in Rockingham District 32,” according to a statement by Stephen LaBonte, the assistant attorney general. Voter suppression […]

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Fraud, schmaud…

by Susan Olsen May 22, 2015
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Homer Gibson Has A Hoax Press Release History!

by Ed Naile May 18, 2015

Once again, let we forget, the biography of pant load Carl “Homer” Gibson has a revealing paragraph. In a collaboration with the Yes Men, Carl and other US Uncut activists, posing as General Electric, distributed a hoax press release on a hoax website claiming General Electric would be donating its $3.2 billion tax refund to […]

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Carl Gibson – I” don’t always have too many beers before three in the afternoon but when I do…”

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2015
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For reference: Link Link Link Link

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Carl “Homer” Gibson

by Ed Naile May 16, 2015

They refer to him as a “liberal activist” in the media stories of the left wing, last minute hoax pulled on a 19 year old Republican candidate for office in a New Hampshire Special Election. A “liberal activist” is he? I don’t think so. Carl “Homer” Gibson is more than your average liberal activist. He […]

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