Carl Robert Gibson

Court rules reporter must testify in NH voter suppression case

by Steve MacDonald September 24, 2017

The Court has ruled that Nick Reid, a former reporter for the Concord Monitor, can be forced to testify in the voter suppression case of Carl Robert Gibson. Gibson is accused of trying to suppress voter turnout by sending an email saying Republican Yvonne Dean-Bailey was dropping out of a May 2015 special election. Gibson […]

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SB 47 – A Voter Fraud Clown Car Stopped By – No Thanks

by Ed Naile March 2, 2017

A little bird called me early this morning to let me know about an article regarding voter fraud in the Manchester paper. It is a letter to the editor by two attorneys warning everyone about SB 47, a bill to let Secretary of State Bill Gardner, of all people, handle voter fraud investigations – not […]

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Carl Robert Gibson Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine

by Ed Naile January 10, 2017

Is turnabout fair play? I don’t know, but I know a laugh riot when I see one. US Uncut believes Ryan Clayton and the John Doe defendants (yet to be identified) are behind a scheme that unfolded on August 3, 2016 to hijack control of US Uncut’s Facebook page. The hijacking has resulted in US […]

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Judge Must Still Rule on Brief in Case of Carl Robert Gibson

by Ed Naile August 4, 2016

CNHT has been tracking and documenting voter fraud since 2000. The Carl Robert Gibson case is a prime example of how voter fraud is accepted and ignored by the parties you would normally expect to prosecute and expose it. Carl Robert Gibson is one of many outside activists who come to NH every election cycle. […]

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Democrat On Trial for Vote Suppression

by Steve MacDonald May 31, 2016
Thumbnail image for Democrat On Trial for Vote Suppression

Guest host Ed Naile gets us up to date on the trial of Carl Robert Gibson, the far-left activist arrested and charged with voter suppression in NH. Download this segment – listen to the complete podcast  

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Bernie Supporter C. Robert Gibson Cries “Election Fraud”

by Ed Naile March 3, 2016

If you want a laugh after the Bernie Sanders meltdown in Massachusetts look no farther than our voter suppression trial “star-in-waiting” Carl Robert Gibson. Carl, or C. Robert as he likes to be called now, was here in NH in 2015 to assist Bernie Sanders in any small way he could. C. Robert knows NH […]

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Off To The BIG House Party?

by Ed Naile February 2, 2016

  Feel the Bern ! Ah, the good old days. Every campaign starts out fresh and clean. You meet Mom and Pop, kiss a few babies, and choke down another croissant smeared with something. Then there are the house parties every candidate loves to attend. The crowds pour out of someone’s front porch or living […]

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New Hampshire – We Have a Drive-By Voter Problem

by Ed Naile December 13, 2015

Carl Robert Gibson is an interstate Democrat activist vote thief caught by The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers. He is awaiting trial on a different matter, a felony Voter Suppression charge regarding his May 2015 fraudulent press release wherein he claimed to be a Republican candidate for the office of State Rep. in a Candia, […]

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Carl Robert Gibson The Confessed Democrat Activist And Vote Suppressor – Indicted

by Ed Naile October 23, 2015

Wow, I thought I would never write about this but it actually happened. The NH AG’s Office has dragged Carl Robert Gibson (now writing for Aljazeera and other fine web sites as “C. Robert Gibson”) past a NH Grand Jury for a grand old time. Indicted on two felonies of voter suppression, Carl awaits his […]

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Carl Robert Gibson – Footloose And Fancy Free – For A While

by Ed Naile July 30, 2015

Yesterday I went to the Concord District Court on Clinton St. to see what our vote thief pal Carl Robert Gibson might be driving these days – as he showed up for his Probable Cause hearing for impersonating now State Representative Yvonne Dean-Bailey. Lo and Behold it appears Carl might just be on foot! The […]

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Carl Robert Gibson – Democrat Activist – Loser

by Ed Naile June 27, 2015

Last Monday I had an out of body experience in Concord. It was at the Concord District Court on a bench in front of Court Room #3. I went to Concord to watch the arraignment of Carl Robert Gibson the low life scum vote thief and Democrat political operative sent here to NH, as many […]

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One More Thing…  (About Carl Robert Gibson)

by Ed Naile June 1, 2015

Carl Robert Gibson, vote thief, is not an enigma – more like an enema. He just keeps on giving! As we found out today, and as Carl Robert Gibson and all his friends probably suspect we will keep finding out, Carl Robert Gibson gave a phony address as his “voting domicile” in NH – […]

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The “professional” NH press will not pee in its own soup

by Ed Naile May 27, 2015

Awaiting arraignment at 8:30 AM, June 22, in Concord District Court, New Hampshire/Wisconsin voter Carl Robert Gibson is probably having a laugh at the expense of all of us lesser beings. Carl Robert Gibson is a smart guy. He gets away with all kinds of what the Concord Monitor call “pranks”. No “professional” news organization […]

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Carl Heads For The Prison Shower

by Ed Naile May 24, 2015

About that arrest of Carl Gibson here in NH by the NH AG for violating NH Election Law 666.6 (I LOVE that by the way). Carl Robert “Homer” Gibson is a media hound. He loves being arrested. I have a bio some admirer put together. Here is a paragraph from the bio on to which […]

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Does The NH AG Know Who They Have And Where He Is DOMICILED?

by Ed Naile May 24, 2015

Carl Robert “Homer” Gibson says he is a resident at 26 Summit Street in Concord, NH. At least when he was arrested for voter suppression last Thursday that was the address he gave the NH AG’s Office. But when you look up that address, they say this is who resides at 26 Summit St Concord.

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Let’s Pin Carl Gibson Down!

by Ed Naile May 22, 2015

According to news reports, Democrat activist and revolutionary, Carl SEIU Occupy-wherever “Homer” Gibson is to be arraigned June 22, 2015 at the Sixth District Court in Concord for “Voter Suppression” a Class B Felony and a misdemeanor charge of distributing false documents. (He posed as 19 year old Republican candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey.) So the NH […]

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Oh my, I have just released secret voter information

by Ed Naile May 21, 2015

NH is loaded with out of state activists who come here and steal our votes while working on political campaigns. This is a fact. The NH State Supreme Court plays word games with NH Statutes and the State Constitution enabling these out of state vote thieves to operate here with impunity – well except for […]

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