Notable Quote – Newt Gingrich

by Skip

“I think the gap in the country right now is that deep and that real. I think the people on the left have a radically different vision of America’s future than traditional Americans. And I think there’s a small element on the right – which has been there for a long time – which is genuinely crazy.

And let me say this, as a historian, Nazism was an anti-Christian, totalitarian, anti-Semitic evil. Any person who tells you that they are a neo-Nazi is telling you they’re signing up for evil. And I think we have every right as a country to decide that we’ll do everything we can to make it impossible to have an effective Nazi movement in this country, just as we should have an effective anti-Ku Klux Klan movement, which is focused, in a way, against Americans.”

-Newt Gingrich (former Speaker of the US House, Professor, Historian, author, speaker)

(H/T: Fox News)

Always remember, Nazi  was the abbreviation of Nationalsozialist – National Socialism.  A creature of the Left and not the Right.

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