NH Dem Party Chair Ray Buckley proves the stereotype “You WILL be made to care”

by Skip

Ray Buckley

Ray Buckley

That last bit in the above headline was crafted by blogger and radio host Erick Erickson: “you WILL be made to care” about all kinds of “social justice” demands, nor can you be left alone. You will be forced to take a side, and if you try to be as neutral as Switzerland, you will be condemned. You WILL speak out FOR OUR ISSUE, or you will be excoriated. It isn’t “can’t we just all get along,” rather, it is a demand that you not only recognize but affirm our issue. We’ve been seeing this on college campuses for the last two years as we see these college student twit authoritarians-in-hatching demand that everyone MUST agree with us (Evergreen, Harvard, Mizzou, to just name three).

Here, Ray Buckley does EXACTLY that – acts the bully for his LGBTQrstuvwxyz agenda and seriously, who the heck can keep up with the unending morphing of one group into another as well as the always changing acronyms.  Sorry, I have better things that are of a much more serious nature than being on the lookout for the “newest thing” agenda. It’s the “US vs. YOU” technique he uses even as he decries the use of it in others.  He’s pulled it off – being BOTH Bully and Victim at the same time.

Well, only if you aren’t paying attention. Buckley’s latest screed (reformatted, emphasis mine) –  My Turn: Sununu’s position on transgender Granite Staters is dangerous

This past weekend, a diverse crowd of nearly 300 from every corner of New Hampshire gathered together to fight for transgender equality and to oppose President Donald Trump’s shameful decision to prevent transgender Americans from fighting in the military.

[This from the same guy that that loves to insult Gold Star Mothers – see below)

The rally was a celebration of equality and an aspirational call for the N.H. tradition of equal protections under the law to be extended to transgender Granite Staters. Gov. Chris Sununu was not among the elected officials to attend.

While part of this is pure politics, it is wrapped up into militant gay agenda. If you don’t outright affirm us, you are a H8ter.  There is no middle ground.  You must mention us, positively, at every chance we tell you to.

This is no surprise, given Sununu, unlike his predecessors, neglected to even once mention LGBT Pride Month in any platform, proclamation, statement, event or interview this past June. Unfortunately for New Hampshire, Sununu has an embarrassingly weak record when it comes to defending transgender rights.

In March, New Hampshire had a chance to join every other state in New England in passing legislation to give transgender Granite Staters equal protection under the law. The bill was derailed by New Hampshire House Republicans using a bogus bathroom argument, and the GOP members were too cowardly to even debate the measure, deciding to table the bill instead.

Sununu made only one comment: He had “no personal opinion” on whether transgender Granite Staters deserved equal rights.

Bad move, Chris – you’ve made an enemy by trying to be Switzerland; this is not how they play the game. You will be made to care, one way or another.

Gov. Sununu recently came out against Trump’s military ban, meaning he’s okay with sending transgender citizens to fight to bring freedom to people around the world, but once they come home they don’t deserve the same opportunity. Alternatively, Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada ordered the Nevada National Guard to deny Trump’s policy. Sununu should do the right thing and follow his lead.

Do NOT defy Ray! And here is the capper that unmasks the demand and none so innocently (but automatically) makes it clear:

When Sununu says he has “no opinion” or works to deny Granite Staters their civil liberties, he is saying that rights of transgender Granite Staters don’t matter. This stance isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous.

Translation – unless you explicitly affirm every thing we want, you are a homophobe. If you don’t speak out for us, YOU are responsible for someone else’s violence.

Rubbish. For the politics end of this, it if wasn’t this issue, Buckley would be using another cudgel. But this is one of THE SJW issues, and I bet, at least on the inside, Buckley was giggling as he was writing this. And again, he throws the same brickbat that you MUST affirm us (and throws in a hot side of “IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!  How can you be so cruel, Chris?” says the guy that emphatically said that Hitler should have bombed the Hague.

There are young children and teenagers struggling with their identity and they are looking to their community leaders for guidance and acceptance. But instead of hearing words of support, they bear the stigma of being told that they are less than equal.

And then he shows the Democrat way: Blame others as guilt is easily transferable to the object of our hate:

…Because of his apathy and incongruent stances on transgender rights, the governor is responsible for any abuse or mistreatment transgender Granite Staters endure under his severe lack of leadership.

No, “Buckles,” he isn’t – only the person doing the abusing or mistreatment is responsible. But that’s not a big item for folks like you – personal responsibility.  It makes it easier to throw the political grenades, eh Ray? And it completes the victimology circle for you, doesn’t it?  Race card, gender card, class card.

“Here’s yer sign,” Ray.

(Ray Buckley is the chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and a former state representative.)


(H/T: Concord Monitor)

Remember this – this is the same Ray Buckley that insulted a fallen hero son that gave his life so that Ray could insult his Gold Star Mother (with US Rep Carol Shea-Porter LYING about her). This IS your NH Democrat Party, folks:

I turned around and in disgust commented that Carol had just lied. A man in the crowd chanted, “Where’s the proof? Prove it. Prove it!” I pointed to Natalie who was speaking with media and said. “She’s the proof. That’s the Mother who Carol refused to call.”  I repeated to the man “Our son’s gave their tomorrows, their futures, so that she could have her today’s and she can’t even return a phone call? That’s disgraceful.

He then told me he had served in Viet Nam and had friends who were POW-MIA. I compassionately touched his arm thanked him for his service and told him I was sorry for his loss. I told him that no matter where you stood on the politics of the War on Terror that a Congressman or Senator out of respect should return a phone call to a Gold Star family member. He stated his disgust for what we were doing in Iraq and said “We’ve all lost things.” THINGS????? My son is not a thing. He was a hero who stood out in the direct line of fire 3 times that day and gave his life for this man and he has the audacity to compare his sacrifice with a thing???? I was livid!!! How dare him.

At this point the man in charge of the debate came over and said we would need to take this outside. I could not believe what had just taken place. I knew I was wasting my time and started to walk away when the man I had the confrontation with told me “Your just being used by the campaign.” Oh my goodness again, I can’t believe the antics of this idiot. He obviously doesn’t know that nobody uses me. I turn around and tell him “NOBODY uses me!” You don’t raise a son to be a Navy SEAL by having a character that is used by people. Unbelievable! As I approached the other Blues Star Moms and campaign staff that was there they asked what had just taken place. I retold the confrontation with the condescending, heartless man. They asked me to point him out. I was informed that his name was Ray Buckley and that he was the Chairman of the Democrat Party in NHI was even more appalled that the man who had disgraced my son and insulted me was a high ranking official in the Democrat Party.


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