The Administrative State -the Prelude

by Skip

The Administrative State – as Progressives grew and grew government, they knew that they were coming up onto one of the mountain tops of the Progressive philosophy – a technocratic State “guiding” its subjects to a Utopia.  For you see, they consider the rest of us to be dolts and deplorables who can’t cope with today’s modern world (which for them started in the 1880s) and must be under the care of a “scientific and non-partisan” bureaucratic set of “experts”.  Who needs that pesky Constitution – it just gets in the way of getting things done.  No, Progressives are Socialists that believe that the State is greater than the Individual and have been working to put this into action since then.  Their capstone, which has allowed “Administrative Law” (e.g., rules and regulations) to go around Constitutional values, was the passage of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 that our Legislators gave their Power, in large degree, to the Executive Branch.  Can you say “Legislation without Representation“?

And one BIG reason why Trump and Steve Bannon are HATED by Democrats / Progressive Authoritarians – they’ve made one of their Administration anchors to corral in and eliminate what the Federal Govt has wrought – 98,099 final rules – with their “propose 1, cut 2” rule for new regs (and right now, that 2 for 1 is running at a 16 to 1 run rate).  And here is Steve Bannon talking about it:

(H/T: Real Clear Politics via Powerline)

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