Actually, Mary, it DOES fit the narrative and here’s why

by Skip

“You really won’t like the New Rules”*

We got a comment from Mary Anderson on Steve’s post “Is it Time to Change Everything Named after Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd?

Why not tell the whole story of Robert Byrd or doesn’t it fit in with the premise of your story? Byrd belonged briefly to the Klan before entering public service. He spent a lifetime apologising for his involvement and atoning for it. He fought for civil rights. When he died the NAACP issued a tribute praising him.

Oh, but it does.  You see, for so long the Left has maintained, through its speech and actions, that once is enough.  If you violate OUR rules, even once, no matter your intent, no matter your history, no matter what you did or say, if WE say you are to be shamed, shunned, or destroyed, well, so be it.  Sorry Mary, that’s what I’ve watched for the last dozen years.  We on the Right didn’t make them up, didn’t offer suggestions to modify them, and we certainly didn’t assent to them.  But they’ve been applied to us (and for the vast majority of times) too often to count.

And now we are using YOUR rules (just like Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which I do like quite a bit – they are quite effective).  It is now time for us to use the Left’s own modus operandi, to have your rules applied to you.  A new crop of conservatives are no longer allowing themselves to be used as punching (or garbage) bags.  If you use these rules, so will we.

Byrd was (and still is) nothing more than a race hating KKK recruiter, Mary.  Got that last part?  He wasn’t just a foot soldier – he believed in the KKK and what it stood for so much he brought other people to full knowledge, spirit, and affirmation of the KKK as well.  As I have been told before, there is NO apology possible for this – NONE AT ALL.  So Mary, your attempt at being a KKK apologist falls flat and flaccid.  After all, the KKK was a Democrat front group – and once a KKK, always a KKK.  Just like, from what I hear from the Left, once a neo-Nazi, always a neo-Nazi.  Or Socialist. Or Communist. Or a race-baiter (think Reverend Al [Sharpton] (a very famous tax cheat too) and Lewis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam).

Happy now?  And the Left showed us how to do it.  Yippee!

* Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit

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