US Senator Jeanne Shaheen – “Taxes should be simple”. That’s not what she means

by Skip

Jeanne Shaheen Wicked WitchWell, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen is a prime example of why they aren’t – she has always loved every new or expanded revenue source created.  Yet, like the GREAT Progressive politician she is (and I’m not using GREAT as a nice superlative).

I’m on her mailing list and got the below.  Now, UNLIKE an engineer that wants to fix things at the root cause, she wants to fix a whole kludge by piling on yet another.  It is as if she is doing a very complex math problem – and applies the wrong sign to it.  Yet, she wants us to believe that this is the best thing since, well, calculus, in that Shaheen wants Govt to fix the problem Govt created.

Or make it look like its getting solved.  In honor of Tax Day (tomorrow), I present the brilliance of Shaheenism (reformatted, emphasis mine:

Millions of Americans will be spending the weekend preparing their taxes to meet the federal tax filing deadline, which is next Tuesday, April 18th. Tax filing can be a complicated, expensive process. Americans spend more than 6 billion hours every year preparing their taxes, and almost 60 percent use paid tax preparers to file. Filing your taxes should be much simpler. That’s why I recently introduced legislation to simplify the federal tax return process.

And why IS that, Jeanne?  Why do you, as the Ambassador from the Federal Govt to the State of NH, make it so hard?  After all, it IS people like you who create tax law – that’s why you are a Legislator (and we aren’t).  We have to pay the penalty (double meaning here) for what you and your cohort have wrought.  But get a load of what SHE thinks is a “fix”:

The Simpler Tax Filing Act, which I introduced last week along with Senator Elizabeth Warren, would direct the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide many tax filers with a one-page tax return already filled out with the taxpayer’s information, known as a “simple return.” The IRS would notify eligible taxpayers that they have the option of filing a “simple return” before sending eligible taxpayers a one-page return already filled out with the relevant information. The taxpayer would then double-check the form for accuracy before filing it electronically.

Right.  Oh goody – she’d have the same agency that targeted Conservatives, let’s illegal aliens “steal” innocents’ tax returns, and ALREADY has a rotten percentage of answering questions about rather simple tax questions do our taxes for us?  Doesn’t she think of the perception “fox in the henhouse”?  This isn’t a solution – she’s trying to sell you lipstick.  And here comes the pig:

The simple return would become a voluntary program that could be offered to as many as 40 percent of Americans, saving up to 225 million hours of taxpayers’ time and $2 billion annually in tax preparation fees.

Lipstick. Pig.  Now think camel’s nose and a tent.  Seldom do programs like this that deal with tons of OUR money remain “voluntary” (especially with the Progressives outlook that truly is “your money is really OUR money”.  And then she reverts back to the lipstick:

Americans shouldn’t have to spend so much time before Tax Day navigating a needlessly complex process. The Simpler Tax Filing Act would provide Americans with a return option that will not only simplify the income tax process, but also save them time and money. It’s a common-sense solution.

Yes, Jeanne Shaheen, you’re right that filling out tax form after form after form is ridiculous – and you politicians are to blame.  Here, though, you’re doing the “I HAVE A SOLUTION!” as you’re lying (IMHO) through your teeth. There is NOTHING about your crappy “solution” that is a solution to the root cause – an overblown, bloated, crony-inspired, special interest demanded tax system in which YOUR Party uses to coerce behaviour that  comports with your sense of how we should live our lives (and to heck with mine).

This doesn’t make it simpler – you can’t even be honest about that.  It changes NOTHING about the tax code, it doesn’t simplify any calculations, it fails to cut down the number of forms.  All it does is hide the sausage – which takes heat off politicians like you.  Lipstick. Pig.

And it is far from being a “It’s a common-sense solution”.  A solution would actually dive into the tax code and render it into little pieces by getting rid of all of the special giveaways.  It would lessen the time to fill out the forms, tighten up the categories to just a few steps.

Like just a post card sized return form.  But you didn’t do that, did you?

You just lied about making the tax code simpler.  And making people more dependent on the Govt.  After all, if the Govt is doing ALL of your taxes for you, well then, why get mad when April 15th comes around (or for this year, April 18th).

Just another instance of the modern day Bread and Circus with a Shaheen sideshow. Another minstrel show of “don’t hold us in DC accountable”.

There is NOTHING common-sense about this.  But I guess that is DC talk for “telling yet another fib”.

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