Sea Level Rise Fraud

by Steve MacDonald

Earth Day SLR East Coast 2017 (3)

Just for perspective, I’ve modified NOAA’s Sea Level Rise (SLR) graph (mostly to scale) for Portland ME to illustrate what needs to happen for the scaremongering climate cult’s mythical six feet of sea level rise to happen by 2100.

Portland, Maine has reported a very constant interglacial change of 1.87mm/year for the past 100+ years.  Seavy Island and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard have experienced a very steady 1.76/mm per year of SLR for the past 100+ years. Most, if not all of that is attributed to the land subsidence after the last ice age, something no amount of money will change.

Not that any of this matters. Even if you don’t believe subsidence has an impact, the impossibly dramatic change in annual rise required to meet the prognostications of rent-seekers and climate cult alarmists is patently absurd and has nothing to do with the climate.

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is not about climate or weather it is about systematically restructuring society and the economy. Earth Day is their holy day and Vladimir Lenin’s birthday and science has nothing to do with any of it.


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  • HammerNH

    This JUST in – GoreBull Warming is STILL a hoax… 😎 (just FYI – chart is mislabeled showing 2100 instead of 2010)

  • mer

    Wait, are you telling me that the sea level rises relative to the earth when the earth sinks? Who’d a thunk that?

    Hmm. 1.87mm/yr * 100yrs divided by 25.4mm/in gives me about 7.5 inches over 100 years.
    6 ft is 72 inches, so about 10 times the 100 years to get to 6ft. Wow. another 1000 years.

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