Blogline of the Day – Actually, a confirmation of my earlier Blogline of the Day

by Skip

We’re seeing the obviousness of Western Society cultural suicide – and the fears are being realized.

The Deconstruction of the West: The greatest threat to the liberal international order comes not from Russia, China, or jihadist terror but from the self-induced deconstruction of Western culture.

The previous one SEEMS to be about the mass Muslim migration whose cultural norms are incompatible with classic Western Liberalism (and I’m NOT talking about our current Socialist/ Marxist / Progressive / Democrats masquerading about as “Liberals” – they are as illiberal as it gets).

This is about the rot from inside that allowed that mass migration in the first place – just visit any college campus and listen to the angry outbursts by both students and the faculty that are indoctrinating them about the evilness of the USA and that everything would be kumbuya if only the USA no longer existed. Or simply go to any Democrat meeting.

And this has all been intentional.

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