Blogline of the Day – Speaking Truth to Power about Sweden with snark

by Skip

They live in a world defined by childlike assumptions of multiculturalism, but multiculturalism has worked for the West about as well as socialism worked for Venezuela.

-Susan Stamper Brown (on Sweden’s societal suicide via mass immigration from incompatible cultures and the Leftist globalists that created it)

Note: I almost used the line just before it – so tell me which I should have used:

Like former President Obama and Germany’s Angela Merkel, [Sweden’s Prime Minister -Skip] Lofven is a megalomaniacal leftwing globalist ideologue that proudly promotes policies normal people hate.

(H/T: Townhall)

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  • Jim Johnson

    Lies, hatred and racism are inherent attributes utilized against anyone who dares to openly espouse conservative ideas and values, silence the messengers at all costs. Liberal extremist’s mantra, conservative philosophies and principles are “outside mainstream America”, The constitution and the laws of this great nation is where you will find the hearts of mainstream America and not immersed in the falsehood promises of diversity and multiculturalism. It is the extremist liberal democratic party that are the true disingenuous, loathsome, bigots.
    For those who thrive on visual proof we provide the following picture from the Daily Caller:

    The true fascists are armed with pepper spray and hiding their identities with black hoods and masks (much like Isis and MS 13 members) as they attempt deny Trump supporters their right to free speech. Is this the new liberal extremist democratic party’s interpretation of the word Tolerance?

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