WDLNH 3rd Annual Gun Rally – Part 5: Molon Labe!

WDLNH Family Pic 2017(Copyright 2017  KJ Park – see after the jump)

A humorous moment during the taking of the “family picture”:

For the “Family Photo” by KJ Park:

Copyright notice. This image has an embedded copyright of Ken’s Design and Photography held by Ken Park, Jr. AKA KJ Park  and affixed to the image in the lower left corner.  The image also contains a Digimarc with-in the image with a traceable embedded code. This keeps Ken’s Design and Photography informed when it is hi-jacked and shared for nefarious reasons. If you are a supporter of our Constitution and a 2nd Amendment supporter, feel free to share the image. Copying the image is allowed as long as you will abide by this statement to added along with it, beginning with Copyright notice. This image is not to be altered and or turned into a parody or a “meme”.


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