Women’s Defense League of NH – 3rd Annual Gun Rally

Man, it was downright FREEZING yesterday at the event on the State Capital building’s steps.  Sunny, sure – but boy was that wind biting at 8 degrees!  First time in my life I’ve been double and triple layered and still had to activate handwarmers in my deep winter mittens.  And I wasn’t the only one.  With all that, however, there was a hardy band of folks (larger than I thought, given the cold) that came out to celebrate the restoration of an unfettered Constitutional Right:

[Art.] 2-a. [The Bearing of Arms.] All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.

With the passage of SB12, for the first time since the discriminatory law was passed mid-last century, NH residents now have the ability to exercise that right without having to ask “Mommy, may I?”. Let me add, in watching this process from the outside, the WDLNH deserves a LOT of the credit for that with a MASSIVE of background work done in crafting the bill, finding sponsors, getting like minded legislators aligned with it, and cajoling others on the fence, and unloading on those that outright despise the idea that law abiding citizens should, GASP!, have their Liberty in this area restored (and with no amount of lying about it – right NH Chiefs of Police and Zandra Rice-Hawkins?).  Here are the opening remarks:

I wish to add this personal note: while I have no complete idea of the work that they have done, I have to thank (with great admiration) two Groksters in making this happen:

  • Susan Olsen, Legislative Director, WDLNH
  • Kimberly Morin, President, WDLNH

I know some of what they’ve done – tedious work, thankless work, and at times the objects of vicious attacks by both those that HATE the idea that Government is no longer in the position of “allowing” a Right to be exercised and would rather be total civilian disarmament AND those that would normally be on “our” side but didn’t like who or the process that was followed.  Or that they weren’t getting the credit.

With that said, I think the whole Second Amendment community truly owes these ladies (and others, and the legislators involved!) a debt of thanks for doing what they have done.

I’m proud of both of our Groksters – it shows that individuals CAN get things even in fighting “City Hall” and the entrenched Establishment.

More video coming.