“And now, the rest of the” ad

by Skip

I noticed that Kimberly had posted up an ad that listed what PAST Windham School Board members as she went over a lot of the problems that Windham had to endure before Ken Eyring had joined the Board (and was elected to be the Chair of that Board in March of 2015).  I just want to amplify what he has accomplished since joining that Board(from that same ad):

Ken for Windham School Board

Having served on a local Board / Committee before, I know how tough it is to get things done – especially when there is a block of folks totally against what you want to accomplish.  I can’t see a single thing there that any right minded person wouldn’t agree “hey, that’s a GOOD thing”.  So why are Al Letizio Jr. and Dennis Sanibaldi so against that?

If I was a Windham voter, I’d certainly be wondering EXACTLY that?

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