Al Letizio Jr. & Dennis Senibaldi – is this one reason why they are trying to swing Windhams School Board race?

by Skip

SchoolhouseIt certainly seems that way – it is clear that Al Letizio Jr. and Dennis Senibaldi don’t want ‘Grok friend Ken Eyring (the current Chair) re-elected to the Windham School Board.  Those two, and their Good Ole’ Boys (regardless of gender) seemed to treat that Board as their own fiefdom.  Once elected to the Board in 2014 because of just bad practices, Ken started to put internal controls onto their processes.  They hate it and now like what we are seeing in DC, the “Deep State” is fighting back by trying to get him thrown off.

I know this situation well – having been on our SB2 Budget Committee in the past, we saw a lot of our hard work just ignored.  In an SB2 budget, we had to review and budget on a line by line basis to finally come up with a bottom line overall number.  However, once that is done, and dutifully voted on by the voters, the School Board could transfer any amount of money from one line to another – and they did so even though they knew that was NOT how the voters told them to spend it and on what.  I call this “the middle finger syndrome” – my School Board transferred over $100K to give raises to employees last year AFTER the BudCom said no and the voters approved seconded that “No”

It seems that the previous Windham School Board was in the same mode: screw you, we’ll spend it the way we want.  Until Ken got on the Board.  For instance, let’s just take

line transfers.

  • 2014:  Budget total $45,133,742   –   827 transfers totalling $5,527,619   – 12.2%
  • 2015:  Budget total $46,278,622   –   463 transfers totalling $2,717,529 – 5.9%

Now, this may sound and look rather wonky and boring, but given the percentage of transfer totals to the overall budget, that is OUT OF CONTROL.  While Ken is being accused to not doing the job financially, making both the Board and the actual Administration start hewing to the actual voted and approved on budget is a big deal.

In one year, decreasing the out of control transfers by half?  Seriously – 12%?  That’s spitting in the eye of the voters.  Windham should put Ken back in. They should reject the two pawns that Al Letizio Jr. and Dennis Senibaldi want on the Board to return the good ole’ boys back to the good ole’ times.

You know, when the taxpayers got screwed.

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  • mer

    a breakdown of what those transfers are would be interesting. In theory $100 allocated for #2 pencils is not supposed to be spent on new curtains.

  • Ed Naile

    Welcome to the world of “Bottom Line Budgets” first promoted by NHMA back in the eighties.
    Before there were bottom line voter ignoring budgets we voted on each part of a budget, police, highway, fire dept. administration, etc. in a town budget.
    But our right to participate in a meaningful way in annual meetings is being diminished each and every year by slick scams like bottom line budgets.
    What the voters want and still IS allowed by petition has been unlawfully stripped by liberal court decisions. That would be amending citizens petitioned warrant articles. The ultimate slap in the face.
    That is why when any petitioned warrant article in an SB#2 municipality is amended, voters should vote no on everything – every year until the people amending petitioned warrant articles “get it.”

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