She’s very confused, this one.

by Skip

And I have a question for Anonymous (just the fact this person can’t leave their real name says something) that just left this comment at Kimberly’s post: Women’s March: I’m EMBARRASSED for my Gender


It’s just too bad that you don’t have respectable women reading your blog, because they would have already called you out on your ignorance toward the women’s movement. It’s not about free birth control. It is about keeping the rights that we already have and getting the ones that we don’t have! I am ashamed that you are a part of my gender. Since you are a conservative I already know the awful comments that will come from this. I won’t be here to read them. I rue the day I ever accidentally fell upon this site from google.

This is a great example of rather poor knowledge of what a Right is.  It’s also one that shows the shallowness of most of these protestors’ thinking simply because TRUMP.  I have two simple questions:

  • What ARE the Rights you have now?  Seriously, enumerate them for us.
  • Even more importantly, what ARE the Rights that you don’t have?

And I guess a third bonus one: do you know what the difference is between an entitlement and a Right?  DO you even know what they mean?

I really am interested to know what Rights you think are in danger, given the way you phrased your sentence.  I also can’t even begin to figure out what Rights are still out there to get?  I’m betting this will be illustrative.

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