Women’s March: I’m EMBARRASSED for my Gender

by Kimberly Morin


Yesterday women across the country and even in some parts of the world put on pink ‘p*ssy’ hats and behaved like little ‘Veruca Salts’ because Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. The ‘Women’s March’ was an embarrassing display of idiocy, hypocrisy and ignorance by mostly white women who clearly need therapy. These women weren’t actually protesting ANYTHING. Trump hasn’t done anything yet. It was more of a ‘pre-emptive’ protest of what they somehow think Trump and Republicans are GOING to do. OR not.

Mostly it seemed like it was a rally about vaginas. It seems left wing women think about nothing but their lady parts. They are so consumed with demanding free birth control that the fact millions of women aren’t even allowed to freely speak in other countries is completely removed from their tiny brains.

At the Concord rally yesterday, New Hampshire’s useless senator Jeanne Shaheen actually said that she was extremely CONCERNED that the Trump Administration may end U.S. taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood internationally. Her CONCERN was that women in other countries wouldn’t get ‘FREE’ birth control courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

Shaheen’s concern WASN’T for the millions of women around the world who are oppressed by Islamic extremism. Her concern WASN’T that young girls aren’t allowed to get an education in some Middle Eastern countries where some of them are married off when they should be playing with Legos. No, Shaheen’s concern WASN’T with women who are raped, stoned to death or killed because of horrific Islamic fundamentalist laws. Her concern was about her constituents funding Planned Parenthood International.

The women at the rally were upset about Trump’s piggish behavior yet they didn’t have big rallies against serial sexual assaulter and rapist Bill Clinton. Instead they voted him into office a 2nd time. They then wanted this scumbag BACK in the White House with his wife who VICTIMIZED his sexual assault victims. Why? Because Bill Clinton was pro-abortion.

These women are protesting something about their rights being taken away but it’s unclear exactly WHAT rights Trump has said he is going to take away.

They still haven’t explained what rights men have that women DON’T HAVE in the United States.



It’s EMBARRASSING to my gender that these women are so damn ignorant and weak they are allowing Democrats to take advantage of them and use them as pawns in some victimization scheme to gain more money for Planned Parenthood and more power for Democrats. It is Democrats who ACTUALLY TAKE WOMEN’S RIGHTS AWAY and who continually push to take even MORE women’s rights away.

Democrats have taken so many 2nd Amendment rights away across the country that WOMEN DIE BECAUSE OF IT. See Carol Bowne of New Jersey as just one example:


In New Hampshire, there is currently a gun control law being pushed by Democrat Representative Katherine Rogers that would make it IMPOSSIBLE for women to get gun safety training. The bill would turn law-abiding women into criminals JUST for DARING to practice their 2nd Amendment rights.

Democrats also HATE free speech. Just take a look at any college campus and you’ll see this in action. Free speech is NOT ALLOWED other than in ‘free speech zones.’ They’ve created ‘safe spaces’ and stupid rooms because they’ve helped parents to raise ignorant, uninformed little snowflakes who can’t think for themselves and may be OFFENDED by a word, a book, a piece of clothing or a THOUGHT that disagrees with them.

Democrats are ONLY about CHOICE when it comes to abortion.



Democrats HATE choice when it comes to schools. They want to force mother’s to keep their children in  poorly performing public schools because they are so far up the teachers’ union behind they can’t see straight.

Democrats HATE choice when it comes to worker freedom. They want women to be forced to pay an Agency Fee to some union master rather than CHOOSE to pay that union.

Democrats HATE choice when it comes to healthcare. That’s why they forced EVERYONE to purchase it. They also didn’t give women a CHOICE with the type of healthcare coverage they have. If you are 50 years old, you’re covered for pregnancy even though you have NO PLANS of getting pregnant. Hell, even men are covered. And it COSTS a fortune. Many women can no longer AFFORD to provide actual healthcare to their families because the Democrats’ FAILURE known as Obamacare has made it impossible.

Democrats HATE choice when it comes to parental rights. Screw you Moms; Democrats know better how to raise your child so they are going to make decisions about how YOU should via government laws.

The list goes on and on and on and on and on. And to be clear, some Republicans agree with the craptastic ANTI-choices above but the hardcore ANTI-CHOICE party is indeed the Democrat Party.

Democrats are the party that preaches tolerance but is filled with the most INTOLERANT people in the United States.  DAMN YOU to hell if you are Christian, a gun owner, a white male, for traditional marriage, pro-life, Republican, conservative or, God forbid, actually want to protect this country by controlling the borders.

The same left wing women who put down anyone who isn’t college educated are the ones marching around in public wearing pink ‘P*SSY HATS’ and vagina costumes. Who are the stupid people? Apparently college isn’t what it used to be.

These women look like fools, act like fools and deserve to be treated as such.



The Democrats have twisted these women to put their heads so far up their vaginas that they can’t seem to come up for a breath of fresh air and see what is REALLY going in on the world around them. And THAT is exactly what Democrats want.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read up on the latest economic outlook because jobs and the economy are FAR more important to a majority of women than demanding free birth control.

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