University of New Hampshire Spends $17,570 Dollars on One Table

by Steve MacDonald

new-tech-table at UNHThe University of New Hampshire has a reputation…they constantly beg for more taxpayer money while blowing vast sums of cash on trivial crap. Case in point, the $17,570.00 custom table they just added to the Holloway Commons.

This architectural wonder is the newest addition to a $10.5-million-dollar renovation of a single dining hall on their Durham, New Hampshire campus. It’s Okay. It’s a light up table.

“A community table was a design element of the new building space,” dining hall operations director Jon Plodzik said. “We wanted to bring guests together around the experience of eating together.

So, if I understand you correctly, none of the other tables at UNH accomplish this? Have you tried adding chairs? I don’t see any in the picture above but almost any chairs will work around almost any table. You push them up to the table and then members of the “community” (people in the same room, at the same time, with food) who do not want to eat while standing, will sit, in close proximity, and experience eating together. Where do I send you a bill?

You could even skip the table altogether, but then we risk being guilty of cultural appropriation, which might ruin the appetite of the “community.”

“The table was part of the $10.5 million addition and renovation to Holloway Commons, which included all the new furniture and building components,” Plodzik said. “It cost $17,570, including delivery from the workshop in Chicago, which we considered reasonable for a custom piece of furniture made exclusively for UNH.”

Well, when you say it like that…you sound like you are completely disconnected from the real world.

Speaking of that, what about the feelings of the visually impaired who are denied the same experience as people who can see, or see color? Did you think about how they’d feel when you paid $17,570.00 dollars for the disco-floor dining experience, you insensitive elites bigots?


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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    A table as ugly as the logo, except the logo cost ALOT more!! That must be the criteria now for the University’s spending – ugly and costly.

  • sb

    Unbelievable. That’s stupid (and ugly) even if they paid $100 for it. But $17,500? And then they cry poor? If I was an alumnus, I wouldn’t give them a single penny more.

  • Gee, If I made a table like that (and I HAVE) it would be in the $22,000 range, but with wood veneer instead of Gun stock Walnut ” ‘mica”.
    But students are “messy”, and (ie)corporate conference tables have “people” to take care of them.
    So you see, they SAVED money!
    *cough- sphincter slam*

    IMHO There’s NO place for in-surface lighting in a table, EXCEPT maybe an otherwise dimly lit 90’s dance club, or “gentleman’s” club bar. Built in down lighting for the face of an “anchor desk” is bad enough, but you know….Logo’s and shadows on tee vee, and such. Of COURSE there are exceptions for professional use (slides/drawing tables).
    THIS ain’t it. I’m guessing 3-4 years before it sits in a store room, broken.
    The artistic idiot “on staff” that decided their “artist” friend (ie)from college, or other “interior” project, needed to be thrown a “commission” bone, needs to have their position eliminated.

  • William

    I am confused. I thought UNH was a place where young adults learned useful trades, services, and skills. Are you saying in the entire campus no one thought “hey, this here’s a cool idea, lets fine the design/carpentry/trades/mechanical engineering/ electrical engineering folk and have them make this as part of a class or even hey just for funsies……” Oh wait, silly moi, leftists dont see individuals wanting to BE, so yeah, hire it out to “those people that merely make things for a ‘living'”.

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