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UNH Finding New Ways to Waste Money

New unh-logo_emblem
They say the new UNH logo is a shield..but it kind of looks like a bullet to me.

The UNH family includes…

Democrats who think that any cuts to the pathetically small 6% of the UNH Budget that is funded by taxpayers is an attack on education.

Professors who get paid to do nothing for three years after exposing their junk to a woman and her daughter in a grocery store parking lot.

A university administration that spends as much as $6.5 million every year for sabbaticals…

And yes, there were also sex worker conferences, funds directed to what may have been cow-fart research, (two issues Congressional Democrats somehow managed to tie together here).

And I’m sure UNH kept this guy on the UNH payroll.    UNH has also use the University system to advance it’s political agenda, and that’s without even getting into the progressive pandering and vote fraud encouraged by UNH students and professors.

All of this creates additional if not questionable costs (and these are just a few) that add up on the books of your taxpayer-assisted State University system.  Expenses that are forever exhausted on whatever whimsical muse pulls at the minds of the UNH administrators or their minions.   Never EVER does it occur to the geniuses to allocate any of this money toward weaning UNH off the taxpayer dole (and the endless prattle of taxpayers who object to their priorities); and no–none of that extra scratch accumulated during any banner fundraising years will ever go toward taxpayer relief.

Universities do not redistribute wealth back to the taxpayers.  They just raise tuition and blame taxpayers for not doing more to offset costs.

Speaking of which….UNH recently spent $65,000.00 dollars  to resolve another very real first-world problem.  They decided that they needed a new Shield logo.   Yup.  They even paid a company in NY to create it, not New Hampshire,but New York.  (And they were not turned off by the fact that  it looks like a bullet.)

An now they will probably have to spend tens of thousands more to convince people to like it.

Your NH University System at work.