Breaking News: Jerry Delemus taken into custody by the FBI

DeLemusDetails are sketchy and will be updated.  Apparently, the FBI, in full tactical gear, have raided the Delemus’s and taken Jerry into custody.  My source is saying that he may be in transit to Concord for arraignment with the the “presumption” is over his involvement in the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014 – I am thinking this is a reaction to the recently concluded situation in Oregon.  However, this is speculation. UPDATE 2: word just received that he will be arraigned at the Federal Courthouse in Concord at 4pm on a Nevada warrant and then / may be transported to Nevada afterwards.

The FBI had twice asked for meetings (10 days ago,a 9:30am and when they didn’t show up, a 1pm), so my source says, at a Dunkin Donuts in Rochester and both times failed both times to show up because of “fear for their safety” (pure balderdash IMHO).

UPDATE 4: Post-hearing info.

Court was packed with Jerry’s supporters – had to move court rooms because of the number of attendees.  Standing ovation when Jerry came into the courtroom. A Court appointed attorney.  Sue has engaged Evan Nappen as attorney but he was unable to get to the courthouse in time so the court appointed attorney did the representation for that hearing.  Charges read and the  detention / bail hearing for Monday at 2:30pm still at the Concord Fed Courthouse. The Feds do want to take him to Nevada.  The feeling seems to be that an attempt to change the venue to NH for Jerry even though it is a Nevada charge (many of the others that have been charged are Nevada residents).  Trying to get as many people to show up for this as possible.  Again, the time is 2:30pm – get there early due to security.

UPDATE 3:  The New Hampshire Union Leader is reporting that Delemus faces

nine federal charges including conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges, when he was in Nevada to support the Bundy family at the ranch.

Update 1:  from a loyal reader – They also arrested another Bundy today…

URGENT: Davey Bundy has just been arrested by the FBI in Millard County Utah in an operation of about 20 FBI vehicles. UPDATE: It looks like he is being taken to Salt Lake.  The Millard County Sheriff was called and dispatch confirmed that he was arrested in the County and that the sheriff knew but was not on site, that the FBI does not need Sheriff permission to operate in the County.  That’s all we know at this time. Please stay alert and prayerful.  You can phone the Sheriff at: (435) 743-5302