Well, GraniteGrok has been Twitter blocked by US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)

Last nite, like a lot of TV political events, I tried to tweet out thoughts that come to mind and last nite’s totally useless Obama speech was no different. In fact, I summarized it like this:

Except for one thing and that was he is demanding that Congress vote for his idea that anyone on the No Fly zone automatically be denied their Second Amendment rights. Gun control by other means. No trial, no jury, no judge – just someone within the Obama Administration filling in a checkbox next to a name.  Gulity by Administrative fiat.  The epitome of the Progressive’s Nirvana of The Administrative State.

The other thing I’ll do is retweet any good line, sometimes with a quick thought of my own, that comes across the event that I’m following.  Much to my surprise was this tweet by Kelly Ayotte, Jr Senator from NH, who seemingly is in complete agreement with President Obama on restricting gun rights of American citizens.  She’s a former NH Attorney General and one would think should have,at the least, a passing knowledge of both the US and NH Constitution on the subject of “arms”:

Well now – not only does she support Obama and restricting our use of energy (the EPA spawned CPP that is demanding the US change its energy policy merely by dint of administrative regulation WITHOUT going through Congress to create law) but now is in favor of violating American Citizens’ Second Amendment rights as well as the Fourth and Fifth Amendments?  That she is in favor of ditching Due Process?  Here were my responses:

And if you go to that tweet, a lot of other people took her to task as well.  Pretty much, the same kind of pushback that the former Jr. Constitutional Lecturer (now President, pbuh) got.  But one thing you won’t see are the above GraniteGrok tweets – no engagement, no debate, and no discussion with either me OR ANYONE ELSE who responded.

Umm, actually, you won’t see the GraniteGrok tweets – apparently, we’ve been blocked from her Twitter feed.  I guess she (or her staff) believe us to be either hurtful or hateful, and we all know that Twitter is supposed to be a “safe space” (does that also include the US Senate?  If so, why did she start screaming at her fellow Senator, Ted Cruz?)

What is it about these lawyer / politicians that can’t stand the document(s) for which they have sworn fealty and to protect?

Remember, former US Senator Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy and journalist Steve Hayes were put onto the list – and no one knows why (shhh, it’s secret).  The problem with such lists is that anyone with an axe to grind can finagle to put totally innocent people on and it can totally screw up their lives.  Yes, Kelly, there is due process AFTER the fact – but it is long, arduous, and expensive to go to court to get yourself expunged AFTER proving your innocence via “proving a negative” (that you aren’t a pre- or pseudo- terrorist or danger to others or long tubes of aluminum or composite materials).  But as a former AG, that ISN’T our system of justice, to have one of “guilty before innocence” – or is it?

But then again, Obama has shown the disdain for ways American or for the spirit of the Constitution.  So why are you following lockstep on this?

Or are you trying to have it both ways: