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Gun Grabber Stupidity

“Irony is wasted on the stupid” – Oscar Wilde

I came across this Tumblr post on Mike’s Corner. “Beelavender” writes….

Stupidity“In line to get coffee, Manhattan. There are definitely some thing I miss about England, like, oh never wondering if my morning caffeine run will end in a gun battle.

Side note for those who care: I could have disarmed this dude and fired all rounds without much effort. And I’m only partially weapons trained – there are plenty of people with strength/skills wandering around.

America, you have a problem.

Studying the photo carefully, I laugh. and, I laugh some more.  Pure Stupidity. It is a holstered firearm, probably a Glock. The holster (to the trained eye) is a level 2 retention holster…probably a Safariland, mid-ride duty holster…on a cop — note the expandable baton behind said holster.

GUN-GRABBER-SHIT-TALKERNow if there was any chance Ms. Stupidity was going to attempt to remove the officers gun from the holster, I would have loved to be there to see that unfold…level 2 retention holster…It would have been epic! I would have had my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone out taking the video as it unfolded because a show indeed, it would have been. But she was only bloviating, I reckon.

Since Beelavender posted this, lets look at the practicality of that very event happening. Retention holster or not, a police officer is not going to be disarmed without a fight. So there is that. Beelavender’s face is going to be smashed. No debate there.

So just picture this unfolding…As a hypothetical, Ms. Stupidity goes for the pistol. Within a split second she has a, “Come-to-Jesus” moment and discovers, “Oh crap! it won’t come out!” As the officer’s elbow smashes into her face with such force that blood spatters around and soils the elbow of the officer’s jacket—a blow of such force that crushes the bones in her nose, her cheekbones and her eye sockets.  She is then spun face down to the ground and cuffed up with a degree of police business acumen that only cops know how to dish out after someone has gone for the officers gun…Meanwhile, the gun stays in the holster. Utter Epic fail for her and she now needs an Ambulance and a Maxillofacial Surgeon. As Beelavender is whisked away in the amublance, other commie-libs make signs, crowd the street and start chanting, “Beelavender lives matter,” while throwing tampons at the Police.

She says she is only, “Partially weapons trained.” Is that akin to being partially pregnant? or partially stupid? What does that mean? In a critical incident, one only rises to the highest level of ones’ training. Partially weapons trained is three-fourths of America that has watched the Bourne Identity twice. She said it, so I’ll give it the value it deserves. Clearly she is a Moron who has lost her mind.

Back to reality. This post is nothing but an indignant rant. She was born is Seattle, the home of dirty hippies and sad-sack progressives and lives in London as well. Hence, the reference to London. Clearly, she is a member of the anti-gun cadre that is both indignant and outraged that even cops in America carry guns. A mere expression of outrage…misplaced by a moment of irrational posting.

Posts like these serve as object lessons that regardless of the second Amendment, hatred for the gun will pit these elitist idiots to psychological meltdowns such as this…uneducated, ignorant and silly.

We are at the pinnacle of irrational liberalism. California has been rated by the Brady Campaign as one of the most restrictive states in the U.S. where gun laws are concerned…yet, they write more. Stupidity.