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Duped Dartmouth ‘Tribal Leaders’ Un-Appoint Fake Indian Appointed to Run the Native American Program

Dartmouth College Fake Indian
Susan Taffe Reed Dartmouth’s Fake Indian – (No photoshopping, she is this white)

I’m not familiar with the vetting process, but some of the smartest people ever (Dartmouth College) appointed Susan Taffe Reed director of their Native American Program. Taffe Reed has a string of degrees (from B.A. to M.A. to Ph.D.) in music with a minor in American Indian Studies. But being a Dr. of Music, even Native American Music, is probably not what got her the nod. She is the president of the Eastern Delaware Nations.

Good enough for Dartmouth but only for about three weeks because people who are not the smartest people ever discovered that the Eastern Delaware Nation is not a nation. It’s not even a tribe.

It’s a craftily named non-profit. Taffe Reed’s heritage descends, not from ancient Indian ancestors, but from the likes of Lie-awatha Liz-Warren or Rachel Dolezal.

She’s a Pretendian, to borrow a phrase from Da’ Internet!

To be clear, I’m not sure why the ‘chief’ of the Native American Program at Dartmouth (or anywhere else) has to be a Native American. On a genuinely diverse campus, the best candidate is the person who knows the subject and has a passion for advancing it, regardless of race-sex-gender-religion-etc; even if the choice is a Ph.D. in musicology who also dabbles professionally in acts of cultural identity fraud.

Unfortunately for Dartmouth, they don’t just live on the 21st-century idea plantation; they are one of the white-tower social justice warrior world-view crackers that helped set the rules.

By creating not just a monopoly on thought but the proper way to think about thought, their Social-Justice Campusosauras Rex has crafted “monsters” more than capable of eating their creator. (Just look at the campus rape fiasco.)

Resonating with a near-constant whine, the SJW Sword of Damocles hangs over their every word and deed. So, after several weeks of comments from Native Americans with more legitimate claims to the heritage than ‘leading a non-profit with an Indian sounding name and claiming to be American Indian,’ the smartest people ever at Dartmouth have reassigned Taffe Reed to destinations as yet unknown.

Maybe the job of Native American Musicology Ambassador/Liaison to Liz “teaches one class” Warren is open?

So, we add Taffe Reed to the likes of Lie-awatha, Elizabeth Warren (pasty white communist/plagiarist), and Rachel Dolezal (pasty white girl with a tanning and perm addiction). But aren’t they just victims of their non-victim-class white-heritage just trying to make a meaningful contribution to diversity in their chosen “profession”?” Padding their resume to hide their oppressive pasty-white roots is more an act of courage, right? They are breaking the victim-class glass ceiling.

Sadly for the less well connected among them, these are ceilings not meant to be broken unless you are a well-connected party communist running for the Senate in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts where innovative acts of fraud are frequently rewarded with power, high paying political offices, and only occasionally (at some point down the road) with prosecution and jail time.

No jail time here but there was a crime. Dartmouth, in its announcement regarding the change, did not blame itself for failing to adhere to its non-diverse diversify narrative when hiring Susan Taffe Reed. The Daily Caller reports that Dartmouth blamed the distraction created by the controversy of their hiring a pasty-white chick with fake Indian heritage, instead of blaming the experts who hired her or their vetting process.

“Susan Taffe Reed will no longer serve as the director of the Native American Program,” Dartmouth said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the distraction around her appointment prevents her from effectively serving in this role.”

To summarize, the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) that Colleges like Dartmouth coddle and credential got mad when Dartmouth failed to follow the established purity test. Using community organizing tactics from the SJW toolbox, cultural-purity agitators would have made it impossible for the Pretendian to get anything done, whatever ‘done’ might mean. In the best interests of the students in the American Indian Studies program, the school’s Twitter feed, Facebook pages, the quiet lives of the administrators, and their reputation as a less diverse diversity plantation, Taffe Reed had to be “stepped down.”

She will be rewarded with some other high paying job at the college, though I doubt there is a “pasty-white-girls-of-European-descent-who-pretend-to-be minorities studies” major. But she could start one! Add a minor in Native American musicology and BAM!, you’ve got your girl on staff.