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Rachel Profiling

Dolezal1Rachel Dolezal’s problems have taken on a life of their own (cruel irony!) after she was outed by her parents as being a pasty white chick with no black ancestors and not the African American she’d been posing as. And, apparently, there are no special media exceptions for former pale blonds of transracial progression.  No one is screaming racism.  In fact, you’d think she was a Republican or something.

Rachel has now been accused of having “violated ethics rules while heading a police oversight commission,”


“In addition to the confidentiality issues, the probe found Dolezal engaged in workplace harassment as head of the Office of Police Ombudsman Commission,”


A city human rights commission also called for Dolezal to resign on Tuesday, and Eastern Washington University, where she taught Africana studies, said she was no longer employed there.

Dolezal has already resigned her post as president of the Spokane NAACP, so this is probably her worst week ever.

Did the prevaricators of Piltdown man have it this bad?

Can she even hope for a book deal or a Lifetime Network movie at this point? (BET is out of the question.)

Should she consider changing her name to Bruce Dolezal and hit the Reality TV circuit?  And could she possibly keep up with the Kardashians?

Whatever happens I’m sure she’s certain it is not her fault.  I bet she blames her parents.