Lesson #2 for Ed Mosca – Principles matter more than just a “win”

Changing the Paradigm: not just for a “win” but as an extremely valuable part of Speech concerning one’s values

Winning is merely a precursor; it is what is done afterwards that is most important

How often, as we stroll through life, are we insistent that things be “just barely good enough” or are willing to settle for even less?  Do we step up to the shopkeeper’s counter and roundly demand “give me something that doesn’t rise to excellence – sorta ok is swell with me.  Oh, and spare no price in doing so”!  Hardly.  We do not willingly settle for that which does not perform up to the task – or breaks under pressure.

No, we expect things to work, function, or taste to high standards (and if one is very well off, that “spare no price” really comes into play).  No, we do demand and expect the best that we can. Our standards in our personal lives (for most people)  are that once having expended time, talent, and money, that what we obtain will actually do the job for which it is specified.  It should work well, wear well, or taste well.  We expect our relationships with friends and acquaintances be healthy and satisfying.

So why are we so willing to expect so little from expending that which is a most precious part of being a Citizen – our vote?  Why are we so willing to be swayed by mere political hacks (entities that mostly are rather lacking in functionality) that promise excellence even as past history shows otherwise?  Why are we so willing to go along, herd-like, in the histronics of “crowd control” (which to be rather crass, is exactly what the Party is now engaged in towards those of us who question their narrative)?

Why AREN’T we more willing to reach for AND demand excellence?  Why are we so willing to “settle” in this area of our lives when we are not in all the rest?

Count me in with others who are no longer willing to devalue their votes on those that are either not willing or unable to defend those values.  THEY (and the Party) should be seeking our vote on the same plane that all other vendors do in our lives, for make no mistake, they are certainly trying to sell us “stuff”.  And if they are selling, shouldn’t we only be “purchasing” excellence?

Stark and Langdon