With Republicans Like These…

No More RINO's - RLCNH puts up the records they must run onBack in July we were warning people about the influences of (so-called Republican) Bill Greiner (with much respect and admiration to the years of similar warnings that preceded ours).

There are plenty of stories about Bill using his money and political influence to undermine Republicans for office in Bedford or elsewhere, so no one should be surprised to see his name attached to another round of stories about ‘Republicans” supporting Democrats.

Greiner is implicated in putting up signs for Democrat Executive Council candidate Chris Pappas on his commercial property,  along with signs for Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein, with ties to similar pairings around the town of Bedford.
Greiner supports Democrat Lee Nyquist for NH State Senate (As a co-chair, no less), over the Republican, Andy Sanborn.

Greiner donates to Democrats like Jeanne Shaheen, a committed progressive Democrat, and Barack Obama’s Senate Representative to New Hampshire.

And now Grenier is putting Democrat Chris Pappas’ signs up instead of supporting Republican Bob Burns.

Whatever is a Republican party to do?

To her credit, NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn has gone on the record to state that she will not tolerate anyone on the Republican state committee endorsing Democrats…in 2014.

“I am stunned to see that any Republican would put their name on an effort to promote Chris Pappas for Executive Councilor. Pappas has voted for all of Gov. Hassan’s irresponsible, out-of-control spending, pushing her efforts to force our state into an income tax. Pappas declares that Jeanne Shaheen – who voted with President Obama 99% of the time – is the person in politics he most admires. Anyone who cares about responsible, limited, efficient government can clearly see that Chris Pappas is the wrong man for the job. As Chairman of the NHGOP I will enforce all applicable bylaws that prohibit participation as members of the State Committee to any Republican that endorses or supports a Democrat against a Republican in the 2014 elections.”

c/o John DiStaso at NH Journal

Pardon my double-edged sword but where was the outrage when Republicans in the NH State Senate like Nancy Stiles and Bob Odell, whose unwavering support for Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire, guaranteed two checked boxes on the Democrat agenda  bucket list.  ObamaCare expanded – state tied to more Federal regulators, strings, and dollars.  State Income tax to pay for it inevitable when the dollars stop and the regulators demand we keep paying.

Consistency breeds trust, Skip likes to say.

Another “Republican fish” who might need to wriggle out of Horn’s hastily cast net is recently elected Republican delegate Tom Boucher (T-Bones, CJ’s etc).  Boucher is also implicated in the Havenstein/Pappas sign parings.

Dick Anagost is likewise implicated by my sources as a Republican supporting Democrats.   FYI – Anagost gave $1000.00 to Democrat Lee Nyquist in 2012, so Democrat support in 2014 seems reasonable.

I’ve also been told that a number of Democrat Jeanne Shaheen’s signs have also been reported on some of the same properties as the Havenstein/Pappas signs.


Some related bread crumbs before I go?
-Back on June 16th I suggested that Greiner’s big checks to the GOP were enough to heal any wounds he created supporting the left.  Chair Horn has not said much more than that she opposes State committee members supporting Democrats.  Any chance some of the Sununu’s politically ‘made-men’ could have a sit down with Mr. Greiner about his ‘activism?’

-DiStaso’s headline for this story at NH Journal suggests Horn is talking to activists but party bylaws have no force upon “activists” as traditionally understood.  Horn is speaking directly to state committee members, who are obviously active but that is not the same thing.

-Republicans elected to office would fall into that category of those over whom Horn and the bylaws would have some force, or at least some influence.  I refer you back to the problem with State Senate Republicans helping advance the Democrat party agenda to fuel your frustration with regard to consistency issues in state party leadership.

-NH Journal has more often than not taken up the establishment banner and gone to war with “activists” which they did against those who openly opposed Horn’s candidacy for state party chair.  You can’t skirt the facts on that point.

-Activists are the ones who are doing most of the heavy lifting on exposing RINO’s and others at cross purposes like Greiner, all year round, not just when it might appear inconvenient.

And finally, here is the list of Republicans for Pappas, which Mr. DiStaso did include with his article.  Links are great, names are better.  I’ve highlighted a few names (Bold) that might be of immediate interest or concern to ‘Republicans’ and Chairman Horn.  If you see others of note, let me know.

Former District 4 Executive Councilor Louis Georgopoulos
Town Councilor James Sullivan, Hooksett

Adele Baker, Manchester
Alan Goode, Manchester
Alexis Moeder, Manchester
Alice Comerford, Londonderry
Andrew Papanicolau, Manchester
Angela Vougias, Manchester
Anne Milne, Auburn
Beverly Ganem, Manchester 
Beverly Spiro, Manchester
Bill Athanas, Bedford
Byron Day, Auburn
Cathy Boisvert, Manchester
Dan Will, Loudon
Ed Spuler, Manchester
Elaine Setas, Manchester
Frank Comerford, Londonderry
Gary Rogier, Hooksett
George Skaperdas, Manchester
George Tosatti, Manchester
Gerry Demers, Manchester
Gretchen Meisel, Manchester
Iphigenia Moeder, Manchester
Irene Shea, Manchester
Jane Bentas, Manchester
Jean Beliveau, Manchester
Joe Poulos, Manchester
John Stavropoulos, Hooksett
Joyce Anderson, Manchester 
Kimon Zachos, Exeter 
Kyriakos Dongas, Manchester 
Laurie Glance, Manchester
Maria Dongas, Manchester
Matthew Kfoury, Manchester 
Maxine Morse, Portsmouth
Michelle Papanicolau, Manchester 
Nicholas Copadis, Manchester
Phil Spiro, Manchester
Representative Irene Messier, Manchester
Richard Bartlett, Manchester
Richard Bunker, Manchester
Richard Duckoff, Manchester
Roula Mitsopoulos, Manchester 
Steve Labbe, Hooksett
Theo Vougias, Manchester
Theodore Setas, Manchester
Theologia Dongas, Manchester,
Zachary Cote, Manchester
Zaferios Mitsopoulos, Manchester