NH Christie Event Host Committee Member Endorsed a Democrat In 2012

RINOChris Christie is coming to “town” again on July 31, 2014.   One of the big names on the Host committee for that Big Republican NH Christie event, is Bedford NH (r)epublican Bill Greiner.

Bill Greiner is many things, most of them bad if we are talking politics, but he was also a Co-Chair for “Republicans for Nyquist” in 2012.  That “Nyquist” is Lee Nyquist, the Democrat challenger to Republican State Senator Andy Sandborn.  Nyquist could have given Democrats the leverage to claim a majority had he won.  So nice of Bill to support him instead of the actual Republican in the race.

So Greiner supports Democrats and is on the host Committee for the upcoming Chris Christie event.  That is interesting.  It is also interesting because Lee  Nyquist’s campaign manager for 2012 was Democrat Kevin Hodges.  Remember him?

Maggie Louisville Slugger Hassan - Beat Republicans with a batHodges is the guy who, when someone asked how Democrats could beat Republicans in 2012, said they could”Beat Republicans with a bat.

(Then candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan even agreed to the laughter of a room full of Democrats.)

Here is the Nyquist presser on Greiner and other so-called Republicans supporting his Democrat campaign that cycle.

(New Boston) – The Lee Nyquist campaign announced the co-chairs of the Republicans for Nyquist group, representing dozens of registered Republicans in the district and around the state. The co-chairs are David Bailey, former Bedford police chief; Jayne Spaulding, former Bedford state representative who topped the ticket in 2006 and 2008; Bill Greiner, Bedford business leader and philanthropist; Willard Dodge, life-time New Boston community leader and volunteer; and Roger Noonan, owner of Middle Branch farm in New Boston.

Jayne Spaulding said, “I’m proud to be a co-chair of Republicans for Nyquist because I know that Lee understands Bedford and will represent the type of Yankee values we cherish: keeping our taxes low and opposing a sales or income tax, valuing public education, and preserving the best of our local communities.”

Emphasis mine.

Nyquist is challenging Sanborn again in 2014.  I can’t imagine why ‘(r)epublican’ Bill Greiner would not choose to endorse the Democrat for NH State Senate again.  I also can’t imagine why that would not trouble some Republicans, particularly the other host committee members for the Christie event.

The other host committee members for the NH Christie event are…

“…U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, former Gov. John H. Sununu, former Ambassador Joseph and Augusta Petrone, Republican National Committeeman Steve Duprey, Joanne Devine, Dan Donovan, Michael Boyle, Beverly Bruce, Bill Greiner, Jim Merrill, Brian Mikol and Richard Pease.”

I wonder how those Republicans feel about Bill Greiner not just publicly endorsing Democrat Lee Nyquist for NH State Senate, but being a co-chair of Republicans for Nyquist?

Greiner writes big checks to GOP candidates.   Who wants to bet that is more important than his endorsing Democrats?