November 4th - the General Election. Pay attention. - Granite Grok

November 4th – the General Election. Pay attention.

And sometimes it counts twice.
And sometimes it counts twice.

Yes, I will be casting a vote for NH Governor and for the US Senator from NH in the General Election.  More later on whom.  It is very important that you all come to the polls and vote.  Given how the value of our American Citizenship has declined these last 6 years, our Vote is one of the last (and I contend) most valuable artifacts that accrue to we citizens (and even that is under attack, with California and New York rushing along the track that would allow illegal aliens to vote in elections in those states).  And when you vote, I urge you to consider the philosophy of NOT voting from the top down (e.g., Federal candidates, then State candidates, etc.) but, rather, bottom up.  It seems in many ways that our control of our Government may be slipping away (from we ordinary folks to the folks referred to as the Ruling Class); thus, raise the importance of your local races over those higher up: town, county and then onto the “higher level” races.  After all, you can hold the local folks FAR more accountable than you can those in Concord or DC.

And often, they make decisions that affect you faster and deeper than those further away.  And another thing…

What does one do when those “higher up” candidates do not meet your expectations or standards?  Remember, I have been writing that you should hold your Vote to be one of the most expensive things you own as a citizen – not to be spent lightly.  And certainly not cast just because one Party (or another) says “the primaries are over and your candidate lost – get over it and get with the program”.  I’ve certainly had my share of Republicans come up to me and tell me just that – it is a Republican Principle that must be obeyed (kinda like when Democrats tell me that I have to follow the “social contract”; in both cases, I have yet to see that stuff in black and white).

My standard of excellence now says that when the candidates follow and implement the Principles in the NH GOP Platform, I’ll start following that unwritten one – deal?

That’s right – excellence.  We need better and we need to demand better from our Party.  Candidates not up to the job in your opinion (e.g., the NH State Senate REPUBLICANS that “progressed FORWARD” the Democrat agenda of Obamacare’s Expanded Medicaid, a broad base gas tax, and the diminishment of political / free speech) In the mean time, while they are trying to make up their minds on that, I think I have selected my candidates:

  • NH Governor – John Stark.  Also a decorated NH veteran, he led successful military campaigns and it is known that his soldiers would “follow him to the gates of Hell” itself.  A successful business life is also attributed to him and a number of his aphorisms are quoted often.  He is also well liked amongst his fellow New Hampshireites and totally supports Constitutional values.


  • US Senate – John Langdon.  Currently, he is domiciled in NH and for a long time, hasn’t even left the state (not even for travel purposes).  He is well past 30 years of age and there is no qualms about him being a US citizen.  He also has had much experience in politics, even to holding several state wide offices.  He also, starting at a very young age, forged a very successful business career.  His devotion to Liberty and Freedom is unparalleled and unimpeachable.  Anyone who knows about anything about him would easily grant him the moniker of “Patriot”.9. He was a patriot and that is what we need in NH

What is not to like for either of these folks?  And yes, these are write-in candidates as I find the two candidates that the NH GOP are presenting falling short of my minimum expectations (least of all is that one still refuses to apologize for a sexual slur cast at a whole class of conservatives within his own Party and the other voting with the opposite Party more than the Republican one).

Am I advocating, in disregard of the NH GOP Party rules, that anyone vote for someone of another Party?  I have it on good authority that they have not attended a Democrat, Libertarian, or any other political party lately.  And given their history, I doubt that they would have ANY quibbles about the NH GOP Platform planks.