GrokTV: Marilinda Garcia’s “Race to Congress” event Micro-interview – Dave

As we mentioned (here, here, here, and here), NH State Rep Marilinda Garcia’s campaign (for US Congress, NH CD-2) had an event named “Race to Congress” to which it donated two Gold VIP passes to the event that we tried to raffle off during GrokTALK!.  Unfortunately, I think our normal Saturday 9-11am listeners took one look skyward, saw the sun, saw no clouds, felt the warmth, felt no humidity, and vamoosed outside without setting their smartphones to listen in.  So, I took advantage of the tickets and TMEW and I headed down to the NH Motorspeedway for last night’s event.  Hey, why not – while I wouldn’t say that TMEW and I are “Superfans” as we’ve only been to a NASCAR event the second year after the Baers rebuilt the track – but we do watch it every week (in fact, DVR’d yesterday’s race while we were at the track and watched t once we returned from the event) and it was cool to go.

As usual, we asked a couple of folks for “micro-interviews” and did get a couple of folks that would assent – Grokster Steve should recognize this gentleman right off!