2014 NH GOP Annual Meeting – Candidates, US Senate – Scott Brown, Jim Rubens, Bob Smith, Karen Testerman

From the Corner Office / NH Governor primary race, the next set of candidates to have their three minute speech to the Party faithful were the four vying to be the NH GOP nominee for the US Senate and retire the Federal Government’s Ambassador to NH, Jeanne Shaheen.  A couple of quick observations:

  • Scott Brown – polite applause at introduction and ending.  Mostly railed against Shaheen vs telling folks what he is specifically for or what he will do in the policy arena – very open ended.  The only positive takeaway is that he would be the 51st Republican Senator (meaning that Republican would have the majority).  Did not say what would happen then,

Sidenote: Darn, I was so disappointed – not ONCE did he point at me like he did when he spoke at Mike’s house when talking about naysayers….and was up on the Press riser with my camera!

  • Jim Rubens – A big contrast with Brown in that he filled his speech with stuff that he WOULD be doing when he goes down there as well as a litany of accomplishments that he had legislatively here in NH.  Along with Andrew Hemingway, the top two speeches of the day.
  • Bob Smith: Slap at Brown for looking forward to debating the issues. Good defense of Principles that often times gets one “thrown into a corner somewhere, be quiet and shut up. That’s not right”. Who shows the clearest distinction – mentions other Conservative wing politicians: stand on Principles or lose. Urged folks to show the difference between them and us (another slap at Brown). Freedom! Republican are not always right – criticism is not negative, it is looking inward.
  • Karen Testerman: we have walked away from the best guides for the best life: our Constitutions.

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Scott Brown                                                      Jim Rubens


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