2014 NH GOP Annual Meeting

Well, being a State Committee member, yesterday had an obligation to attend to (and a primary reason why there was no GrokTALK! yesterday as Steve mentioned) – the NH GOP Annual Meeting.  Being the “off year” and with no amendments being offered for anything, it was a rather quick meeting when compared others, especially in Presidential years.  We were able to snag a table out in the foyer and set up and Mike handled most of the interviewing outside while I was able to set up a camera for the duration (the ONLY camera that I could see – no MSM video coverage at all).  So here is our “citizen journalism” (a bunch of posts coming up during the day) – doing the job that the MSM refuses to do for those that could not be there (slightly less than half of the 400 Members bothered to show up but twice that needed for a quorum).

Intro Ceremonies (Invocation, Pledge)