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Vote Fraud Web – More Strands Leading Back to the State Democrat Party

So tell me again - vote stealing activists use NH Democrat Martha Fuller Clarks house to vote fromNew Hampshire Democrats have been bringing in out of state voters to pad the rolls for a while.  But just a few years ago, circa 2008, Michelle Bensignor (NY, PA, MD, DC – but not NH) went to work for the State Democrat party.   That’s what is says on her LinkedIn page.

New Hampshire Democratic Party
Political Organization industry

June 2008 – November 2008 (6 months)
Coordinated regional field efforts for the Shaheen for Senate and Obama for America campaigns in Manchester, NH, including the training and management of nine field organizers, +200 regular volunteers and +5,000 Get Out the Vote volunteers.

Guess where she registered to vote from during her brief stay, which ended after election day?

That’s right, 1200 Elm Street, Manchester. (Martha’s Motel must have been booked up.)

1200 Elm is the ideal Manchester flop house for campaign refugees, wealthy lawyers who need a break from their mansions in other states, and the names of non-resident voters who are not here to vote in person but somehow manage to vote.  As we approach the summer months we should expect a similar rouges gallery of transients to reside there for Shaheen 2014 and in advance of Hillary–should she decide that other factors do not preclude another shot at the oval office.

And there is little doubt that the New Hampshire Democrat Party has, as far back as at least 2008, awareness and direct association with the suspicious activity and strange goings on at 1200 Elm.  Maybe they get a kickback on apartment referrals?  Not my concern.

Bensignor, like Caitlin A., worked on the Shaheen campaign (2008), registered to vote from an apartment at 1200 Elm St., Manchester, and both are still on the Manchester Ward#3 checklist 6 years later and could “appear” to vote at any time, just like someone else who was also registered to vote in Manchester from that same apartment, that same year, and voted…
Be patient.  We can get there from here.