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Who Is, “Ben Ghazi” And What Did He Do?

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”   —Benjamin Franklin

Kuster_Thinking_CrocsFrench author Victor Hugo once quipped, “An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise.” But I disagree. So here I sit with my hat off to Representative Annie Kuster because she proved Victor Hugo wrong. (see the video below the jump)

At a recent town Hall Meeting a constituent asked her about “BenGhazi.” Representative Kuster responded, “I am here to talk about the Middle East not Ben Ghazi.” GOOD FOR HER! Way to go, Annie…We all know you have never met Ben Ghazi…You have never had a conversation with Ben Ghazi and you don’t know what his position on social policy is, much less Middle East diplomacy. THE NERVE OF THAT WOMAN TO ASK SUCH A QUESTION!   

Of course we still have a presence in Afghanistan…and people ask about that, too. Silence….crickets…Kuster could advise that in war, instead of throwing a hand grenade at the insurgents, troops could throw one of those small grapefruits from Oxnard California. When they are puzzled, and thinking how silly wars are, our fighting men can then throw a real grenade into their fighting position.  “We have to encourage diversity in Afghanistan…There are no WalMarts…only Targets.

People should refrain from ‘dissing’ Annie Kuster until they have walked a mile in her Crocs. (oh, Crocs…perhaps Peter Sullivan has a few shoe tips for Annie)  After all, if silence is a good substitute for brains, then we would never hear from her. Never accuse Annie of being dumber than a bag of hammers. Rather, she is slightly smarter than a box of rocks.

Representatives Hank Johnson, Diana DeGette and Annie Kuster are getting together to start a club called, “The ‘New’ Age of Mensa” and that Happy Warrior Joe Biden has picked up an application . A Union Leader Editorial quipped, “If Congress gave Courage awards to members who heroically refused to answer constituents’ questions, Kuster would have earned herself one that day…” Lighten up, Union Leader! There are some doubts whether or not you even know who Ben Ghazi is or where he stands on the important issues facing the nation today!

Compassion. I call for Compassion and understanding with the onset of the Holiday Season…Tolerance, too…yeah, that too…So when you all are having your Turkeys, Hams and Prime Ribs this season. Have a kind thought for Annie Kuster….and Carol (Lady Elaine Fairchild) Shea-Porter…oh yeah and the ‘veterinarians’ who have made conscious life choices not to eat meat.

The cool thing about liberal progressives is we can be lazy, low information voters, getting all that free stuff! the Green Eggs and Gub’ment Cheeze!….”We thee sheeple”, if you will, and people like Annie Kuster are so kind, thoughtful and considerate to do our thinking for us. I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude!